Which Forex News Moves Price? Analyzing Market Impact

Which Forex News Moves Price? Analyzing Market Impact


Forex trading is one of the biggest financial markets in the world. Every day millions of trades happen between different currencies, this is called Forex, and understanding which news events move a Forex currency price is an important part of successful Forex trading. This introduction will explain which forex news events will affect the movement of the currency markets and discuss three different strategies that traders can use to take advantage of the news and make profitable trades.

Making Profits from Forex News

Forex news has a direct influence on the markets and it is important for traders to be aware of the news releases in order to anticipate and react to the changing market conditions. News can range from economic releases to statements from central banks and political developments. It is important to be informed of the latest releases so that traders can be first to exploit opportunities in the markets.

Slingshot Strategy

The Slingshot trading strategy is a well-known trading strategy that is used to take advantage of changes in the market due to news releases. The strategy involves entering a trade at the moment the news is released and the price starts to move. The trader then looks to take a quick profit, usually 1 to 2 hours after the initial entry. The idea of this strategy is to take advantage of the often extreme moves immediately after news is released.

Trading on Expectations

Trading on Expectations is a strategy that involves predicting in advance how the currency will react to the incoming news release. This requires an analysis of the economic background to understand how markets will interpret the news before it is released. Once a trader has an idea of how the market will move, they can enter the trade ahead of the news release and take a position to make a profit.

Trading Spikes

Trading Spikes is another strategy that involves entering a trade when news is released and the market price starts to move. However, unlike the Slingshot strategy discussed, this strategy looks to make a profit in the long term. Trader’s look to make a profit by letting the currency pair continue to move in the intended direction after the initial news spike.


Traders should familiarize themselves with the different Forex news events that may shape the foreign exchange market. Studying the news and understanding the potential impacts of the latest news is an important part of a trader’s repertoire. Additionally, traders should explore the different strategies and techniques available to take advantage of news-driven market movements. In particular, the Slingshot, Trading on Expectations and Trading Spikes strategies provide a variety of ways to make profitable trades using news events.

What types of Forex News Move Prices?

It’s no secret that news events can move forex prices. But which news events are most likely to cause significant shifts in the forex market? Generally speaking, the major central bank meetings, such as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and European Central Bank (ECB) rate decisions, have a great impact on currency prices. Also, news of any significant policy changes, like an interest rate hike or a quantitative easing program, will cause prices to move. Other than these official announcements, news releases with major economic implications, like economic growth or inflation reports, can also cause significant shifts in price. Any news release regarding global events, financial markets, or political changes can cause significant shifts in the exchange rate of any currency pair.

How to Use Forex News to Make Trades

If you choose to trade news events, it is important to be aware of all the news releases that are scheduled to come out. You should also monitor the economic calendars from major institutions to get an idea of what events are most likely to move the forex markets. You should also know the key levels of resistance and support in the currency pair to determine how far the price can move. It is also important to be aware of market sentiment and the overall risk appetite of the market. Knowing all of this information will help you determine the direction you should take your trades.

Responding Quickly to Forex News

When trading on news, it is important to enter and exit trades quickly. This is because price can move quickly in response to news events, so you will need to take quick action. It can also be tricky to anticipate the market’s exact reaction to news, so traders need to be nimble and ready to take profit or limit losses rapidly. Although trading on forex news is rewarding, it can also be risky due to the fast-paced nature of the market. Therefore, it is important to understand the risks associated with news trading and to devise a trading plan that takes these risks into consideration.