When Not to Trade in Forex News Time: Tips for Beginners

When Not to Trade in Forex News Time: Tips for Beginners

The Perils of Forex News Trading

Forex trading, or foreign exchange as it is sometimes know, is the speculation of one currency against another, with the aim of making a profit from the fluctuating exchange rates. While trading the forex markets can be a lucrative option, there are some aspects of forex news trading that can lead to considerably more risk to the trader. Knowing when it is wise to stay away from trading is essential if one wants to ensure the maximum attainable profit.

What Is Forex News Trading?

As previously stated, forex news trading involves the buying and selling of one currency against another. However, it also encompasses trading on news information that can potentially influence the currency’s exchange rate. This news can be geopolitical, economic, or even technical in nature, and traders use the knowledge of the news to make predictions regarding the possible direction of the currency’s trading activity.

When Not To Trade

When trading the forex markets, it is important to weigh the potential risks of the trade against the potential rewards. Forex news trading can lead to large swings in the currency’s exchange rate, which can also result in considerable losses for a trader. Additionally, forex news trading often requires a great deal of knowledge of the foreign exchange markets. As such, it is often a good idea for traders to avoid trading during times when the news could significantly change the currency’s value.

Solid research into the potential effects of news on the a currency’s exchange rate can help to clearly identify these times. Additionally, traders should use these same tools to assess the risk and potential rewards associated with any given news trading opportunity. Furthermore, it is advisable to stay away from any news-based trading opportunities that appear too good to be true, as these are often the sign of a new trader getting into the game of forex news trading without the necessary research.

Finally, trading on the news is not suitable for all traders; those who are inexperienced may want to stay away from it. Furthermore, trading the news can be incredibly risky, so it is important that a trader use risk management techniques such as setting stop losses and limit orders. By employing these and other risk management techniques, a trader can ensure that any losses can be minimized and potential gains can be maximized.


In conclusion, while forex news trading can be a profitable endeavor for traders who understand the markets and have done the necessary research, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with this trading activity. Making sure to properly assess the risk versus the potential reward of any news trading opportunity is essential in order to ensure that a trader can attain for maximum profits. Additionally, staying away from news-based trading opportunities that appear to be too good to be true is vital in order to ensure that a trader does not suffer large losses due to lack of research. Overall, a well-informed trader should expect to earn more profitable returns when trading the forex markets by avoiding trading at the wrong time.

When is the Worst Time to Trade Forex?

Trading forex can be a lucrative venture, but it is not without its risks. Knowing when is the worst time to trade forex is vital knowledge that all traders should have. There are specific times when trading forex should be avoided, as the news, economics, and markets can all affect the forex marketplace. For instance, when the news of a major trader affects the market, it can cause it to become volatile and unprofitable to trade there. Additionally, certain political and economic events can also affect the market in a negative way. Knowing when these events will occur and avoiding them is a good way to limit risk.

Know Your Time Zone

In addition to knowing when specific economic and political events will occur, traders should also take into account that different regions of the world have different times when the currency market is more volatile. Therefore, before trading forex, it is wise for traders to check which time zones a particular currency pair trades in and try to avoid trading during the volatile windows that occur for different currencies peaking in different regions.

Avoid Unique News Trading

Unique news trading is a type of trading that involves waiting until news events take place and then quickly entering the currency market based on the news report. This type of trading is highly risky and should be avoided by most traders. The reason for this is that news trading does not allow any time for the trader to analyze the situation before entering the market, which can be disastrous when wages, jobs, or other events occur. Instead, traders should be patient and allow a little time for the news to pass before entering the market.

Overall, understanding when not to trade forex is a important piece of knowledge for all traders. It is important to know which times are more volatile or risky, as well as to be aware of news events and economic events that can affect the currency market. Additionally, traders should also be aware of different currency pairs that trade in different time frames in order to avoid trading during peak volatility periods in particular zones. Finally, traders should avoid unique news trading and instead allow time to properly assess the situation before entering the market.