If you present trading strategies on Forex exchange in the form of a large and delicious cake, the most part of the cake juice will be a technical analysis of the market behavior at a micro level. Cream enthusiasts and people should understand the importance of working with price change tables if they want to regularly remove the cream from the currency “Pie”.

What do we mean with microlevel technical? First, it’s a transaction with itself: Price and volume. Second, consistent this offer. Return to metaphor a pie, then to get the most delicious pieces, run to the kitchen first and see how the event develops. You need to be interested in how many trades are made in one unit of time and how it happens. How many pieces cut the cake and how much you have the opportunity to get the appreciated food.  Take a break from normal technical analysis and see micro levels. This will make your trading more profitable. Track is a type of tool that will show the number of trades within the period of time and show the fight between traders.

See for yourself. Take a clock candle, what information do you see? You have four available prices, and total trades for the same period of time-every hour. However, you don’t see what’s going on in the wax, that is, a place where most of the purchase and sales are concentrated. You can take half an hour or even fifteen candles and, yes, get more information. More, but no better. But you need to see the woods completely, not some trees in front of you.

No need for puzzles on the question “What’s in the wax,” just use Track. This innovative direction is based on the volume of transactions over a period of time – and thus indicates the trading process on the market. Some may think about the volume indicator, but this is a different story that does not give us that information. The volume indicator is completely inappropriate to reflect the current market position. They can only show us the number of lice per unit temporary.

The trail has data related to the number of transactions in the market and it draws the data directly on the graph. For each price and wax.

In the candle itself and at the price of the column is formed. The columns are different in length. A long column shows a large number of trades at a suitable price. The column on the left is the sale, the column on the right is the purchase. The column has two colors: the most sales, and green – especially the purchase.

Now, how is it good for you? With a trail you can see who is more powerful at this time: buyers or sellers. Trail is the best element of technical analysis at the micro level. When trading, it’s used as a basic strategy and as an added tool, which signals us the time of getting into the market.