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What houseplants do Russians grow

Flowers and houseplants are among the top five most popular online products.

According to VTsIOM, one in five of those who use the services of online stores or bulletin boards make such purchases. At the same time, interest in houseplants is increasing: according to Avito statistics, the demand for houseplants in the winter of 2022 exceeded last year’s figures by more than one and a half times.

As Tinkoff told the Journal in Avito, the most popular indoor flower among site users is an orchid. The total share of such requests when searching for the category “Plants” is 0.64%. This is a significant indicator, since fertilizers, seedlings, seedlings, and bouquets are also sold in this section.

In March 2022, the share of searches with the word “orchid” increased by 53% compared to March 2021. It is also one of the most expensive indoor flowers: the average cost in ads is 1065 R.

In second place in popularity are violets, their average price is 170 R. On the third – ficuses, 1000 R. The most expensive houseplant in the top ten popular user requests is monstera. Its average cost is 1660 R.

If you look at the interests of home plant lovers abroad, you can see some differences. In 2021, home improvement company HomeHow analyzed several million Instagram posts to determine the most popular indoor flower hashtags.

Most often, users of this social network mentioned cacti: 23.9 million hashtags. In second place, by a wide margin, was the wax ivy hoya: 2 million posts. Monstera is in third place: 1.6 million orchids and violets, popular with Avito users, were not in the top twenty, and ficus took only ninth place: users put the corresponding hashtag 313.8 thousand times.

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