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The index shows the total, average quantity, attempt and factors from the price movement. thanks into this, you can easily ascertain the supply and demand in the market, the minutes of reversal, the zones of imbalance.

It operates on almost any Forex, futures, and stock markets. 

It is not redrawn, the automatic algorithm for constructing waves allows you to work with any tool on any time, regardless of the volatility “without adjusting to the instrument”.

The indicator works in closing costs and at the average price.

  • – The indicator showsCurrent support / resistance levels, imbalance levels, and pullback levels.
  • – Levels can be viewed deeper in the history by specifying the desired numberWaves 
  • The indicator has built-in alerts for signaling the breakout of the level and when the set value of the traded volume is reached
  • Levels, the zigzag, the values of the volumes you can enable / disable.
  • – Use the on-screen buttons to disable the zigzag values.
  • – You can select a separate mode for each button.
  • – Two display modes – two-way / one-way.

It is based on ideas from books:

David Weiss, “A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method”

Timothy Orda “the_secret_science_of_price_and_volume”

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  • single-zig-zag version

How to trade with the indicator and understand its signals:

How to trade with the indicator and understand its signals:

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