Troubleshooting Magic Keys Pending Order Activation

Troubleshooting Magic Keys Pending Order Activation

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What are Magic Keys?

Magic Keys⁢ are a type of forex trading tool that ⁢is ‌programmed to⁤ enter‌ certain trade orders at ​pre-determined prices.‌ These orders are usually ‌ pending⁤ orders, which‌ are ⁢orders‌ that have ​been set ⁤up ⁤to be placed when the ⁣ market price reaches⁤ a ‌certain⁢ level. Magic Keys are designed to take the guesswork out of when and how to ⁢execute these trades. They⁣ can be programmed with stop-loss and take-profit⁣ orders so that trades‌ are ‌placed in a ⁣way that‌ optimizes a trader’s profits.

Why Magic Keys May⁢ Not Place Pending⁤ Orders

When⁣ Magic ⁢Keys are​ used⁢ to place⁣ pending ⁤orders, there are ⁣several factors that may lead to an ​order not being fulfilled. The‌ most common​ reason why a​ pending ⁣order may not be placed⁤ is because‌ there ​is ⁢not enough funds ​in the trading‍ account ⁤to complete ‌the order.​ When ⁣this happens,⁤ the pending order is automatically​ deleted. Another ‍reason that ‌a⁤ pending order may not ⁢be placed is because a Cancel/Gap or Stop-Loss Violated​ (SL Violated) ​condition​ has been reached. This is usually due to⁤ market ⁤volatility and happens ⁣when the‌ price has moved⁤ too far ​in a particular ⁤direction.

Executing Market ⁢Orders ⁣with Magic Keys

Magic Keys also allow traders to quickly⁤ and easily enter ⁤market orders, which ⁤are orders placed at the current market price. This ⁤type of trade is useful⁣ when a market is⁤ particularly volatile and⁤ a​ trader needs to ⁣act quickly. With Magic⁢ Keys, traders can set both take-profit⁣ and stop-loss orders to ‍ensure ⁢that their trades⁤ are properly managed. The expert can buy a Stop or can buy a ‌Limit order‍ as selected⁣ on the⁢ software platform ⁤that‍ is being used⁤ and can be programmed to execute the trade at the ​precise moment.

In ⁢conclusion, Magic Keys are‍ a powerful tool ​for‌ forex traders who are‍ looking to quickly‌ and efficiently place certain trading​ orders. With ​the ​ability to set take-profit and stop-loss conditions, Magic ‍Keys can be programmed to maximize ‍a⁢ trader’s ​profits. However, when​ it comes to pending⁤ orders, there can be ‍certain factors that may cause the⁤ order ⁢not to be placed. In these‍ cases, it is ‍important‌ for traders to understand why the‌ order did not activate and how to adjust their trading⁢ strategies accordingly.⁤

Introduction ‌to Magic Keys Pending Order

Magic keys pending ⁣orders are a great way ⁤to ⁤increase the⁢ certainty of ⁢entering into a​ forex trade. With these orders,⁤ you will obtain⁢ a guaranteed ​price when⁤ the predetermined terms of the‍ order‍ are filled.‍ You don’t lose ⁢out on profits​ due to poor entry points,​ and⁣ you don’t​ take on unnecessary risks by⁣ entering trades too ⁣far ⁢away from the usual market ‌price.

Pending orders are normally placed by Forex traders⁤ when they’re unable ‍to ⁤watch ‍the ⁣market price ​movement. As they can’t react fast enough, the ⁤pending order is a tool ‌that will help them enter the market as per⁣ their predetermined criteria. This makes⁢ the magical​ keys pending ‍order‍ the perfect risk management ⁢tool if⁣ your trading hours are limited.

How Does The Magic Keys Pending Order ‍Work?

The⁤ magic⁤ keys pending order is triggered‌ when the ‌predetermined parameters⁣ of the order are ⁣fulfilled. Once ‌this happens, the ​trader will ⁣be triggered⁤ with a​ guaranteed price. So, ‌rather than risking‌ entering ⁣the market with the ⁢current market⁣ price, the trader can lock in a ⁣specific price for ​a specific time.

An example ⁣of how this ⁢would‌ work is if​ a trader wanted to ⁢buy at the current market price of ​1.10.⁣ Rather than ‍risking⁤ buying just below ​the current market price and potentially missing⁤ out⁣ on any potential gains, the trader⁣ can set​ a ‌buy ⁤pending order at ⁢1.11 so will be triggered⁢ to‍ enter the ⁢market when the ​price moves up​ to 1.11.

Reasons⁣ Why Your Magic Key ​Pending Order Did Not Activate?

Despite all ​the advantages⁣ that‌ come from using Magic Keys Pending⁤ Orders, there are⁣ few reasons why your​ order may not have been ‍triggered. One of ⁣the most common⁢ reasons is​ that the market achieved the predefined‍ order level before ‌your trade⁢ was‍ placed. Other reasons may include ‍incorrectly ⁣setting the ⁤order to ‘GTC’ or having the ‍wrong ⁢parameters set for the order.

When setting⁢ the parameters, be sure⁤ to check that‌ you⁤ have selected⁣ the⁣ correct ‌one. For example, if you want‍ to be ⁢placed into the market⁤ at‌ the⁤ ask price,​ then ‌ensure‌ you ​select the‍ ‘Ask’‍ option. Additionally, be sure ⁤to ⁤select the ‘GTC’ option if you do not⁤ want the‍ order⁤ to close after a specific period.⁤

It’s⁤ important to⁣ keep an eye on the market‍ to ensure that⁣ you are⁤ placing your pending orders correctly. If you need help⁤ setting‌ your orders, most brokers provide a⁢ help function ‍or live trading‍ room support. By⁣ staying vigilant‍ and checking ⁣your‌ order parameters, you can ensure ⁢that you‌ have the highest probability of ​your ⁣order being activated. ‍


The magic keys pending order is a great ⁤tool for efficient forex ⁣trading. ⁢This kind ‌of order⁢ is especially useful if you have​ limited trading ⁢hours. However, you ​should⁢ ensure ​that your order ​is set up correctly to maximise your chances‍ of it being⁢ activated. ⁢If⁣ you’re ​unsure, most brokers can provide ​guidance and ⁢answer any questions you may have.