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trade Copier pro is a powerful tool for remote copying of trades between multiple MetaTrader accounts
4/MetaTrader 5, located in different places, on the internet. This is the perfect solution for sign suppliers who want to
share their trading with other dealers around the globe. A single vendor can replicate transactions to multiple receiver accounts,
and a single receiver can replicate the trade of numerous providers. The supplier can specify a subscription expiration date for each
recipient, and the recipient will not be able to get the sign.

The program permits you to simultaneously copy transactions to local and remote recipients. Each vendor account can copy to an
unlimited number of local and 10 remote recipients at the same time. To be able to copy trades to a larger number
number of remote signals, see the Unlimited Trade Copier Pro version, which allows you to work with an unlimited number of
remote recipients.

Demo: The demo version for testing can be downloaded here:

Demo: The demo version for testing can be downloaded here:

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  • Copy between your MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts.
  • A single tool for suppliers and recipients.
  • One vendor can copy trades to multiple recipient accounts, and one recipient can copy trades to multiple accounts.
  • The supplier and recipient can manage the list of their partners using the built-in database management system without any restrictions.
    additional tools (add, delete, edit, enable/disable, set expiration date).
  • The provider can specify a subscription expiration date for each recipient, after which the recipient will not be able to receive the signal.
  • The list of suppliers/recipients can be edited in the MT4 platform or by exporting a .csv file.
  • Switch between global mode, which involves copying over the Internet, and local mode, where copying takes place from the
    same computer or server.
  • Two protocols are available: the Trade protocol (copying trades) and the Signal protocol (sending / receiving alerts only).
  • By default, not only inputs and outputs are copied, but also SL/TP modifications, which provides additional protection in case of a break
    connecting or dropping the terminal. But the provider can hide SL, TP and order modifications (leaving copying of inputs and outputs).),
    to avoid showing the entire strategy to the recipient.
  • Protection of the recipient from slippage and outdated orders.
  • The recipient’s account retains the ability to trade manually or use other Expert Advisors without any conflicts between them.
  • Automatic recognition and synchronization of prefixes/suffixes in characters from different brokers.
  • Ability to use up to five special character settings (for example: GOLD –> XAUUSD, etc.,).
  • Options for setting the lot size for the recipient.
  • Protection against drawdown on the recipient account.
  • Filter copying by SL, TP levels or entry points.
  • Filtering for copying by order types for both the supplier and the recipient.
  • Reverse copy function for both the provider and the recipient.
  • Automatically send notifications to the recipient by phone and email when new actions are taken on the account.
  • Restore previous settings and status after closing the terminal or shutting down the computer.
  • Real-time control panel.
  • Easy and convenient to use.

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