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Tipu tendency is a wise index without delays along with redrawing, which shows that the trend of chosen timeframes.

  • Customizable purchase/sell alerts, push notifications, email messages, and visual on-screen alerts.
  • A convenient indicator for trading which smooths out the noise of cost action (cost action).
  • Allocates the ranging markets.

add the Tipu Panel (located here) and unlock the following added features.

  • Easy-to-use Panel which shows the trend signal of the selected timeframes.
  • A Custom Panel. The panel could be placed anywhere on the graph or dropped into free up space.

The blue line shows an uptrend, the red line shows a downtrend, and the gray line shows a trendless market. For example, if the period in question is in an uptrend, the panel will show blue for that period. It will also display a visual ” buy ” signal after the line color changes from red to blue. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to take into account signals from other timeframes and/or indicators before making a trading decision.

Tipu Trend works best in trending markets.

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  • Show Panel?: Visibility settings, select true/false to show the panel. (Tipu Panel should be added to the chart).
  • Short Name for the Panel: short name for the panel title on Tipu Panel
  • Show Boxes for Support/Resistance-mark support/resistance levels with frames, true/false
  • Fill Boxes – fill color of the range frames
  • Box Color – color of the range frames
  • Box Line Style – style of lines of frames of ranges
  • Box Line Width – the thickness of the lines of the range frames
  • Alert only our of range-send notifications only if the trend line is outside the range limits, true/false
  • Buy Alert – enable the alert Buy, true/false
  • Sell Alert – enable the alert is Sell, true/false
  • Alert NT-enable alerts for ranges, true/false
  • Alert Shift: delay the candle on the signal, enter 1 to send an alert after passing 1 candle.
  • Alert Mobile: select true/false to receive push messages, check the correct device settings here
  • Alert onscreen on change: select true/false to receive an alert in the terminal, this alert is displayed in a separate window.
  • Alert email on change: Select true/false to receive email notifications, check the correct email settings here.

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