Tuesday, December 3, helped the ruble to strengthen a little, but it is too early to talk about the resumption of the growing trend of the Russian national currency. Yesterday, by the close of trading on Tuesday, the exchange rate of the US dollar with calculations “for tomorrow” fell by only 2 kop. (-0.03%), to 64.15 rubles. (-0.06%), to $71.09.

Bloomberg agency published an article that calculates the real size of The U.S. debt, in addition to the known figure of the national debt of $23 trillion. Taking into account corporate debt and consumer credit debt, the total U.S. debt could be $250 trillion, according to Bloomberg estimates, three times the volume of global industrial production. The DXY dollar index fell 0.1 percent on Tuesday and the euro continued to rise against the dollar.

The price of Brent crude oil in yesterday’s trading in London continued to rise again, rising by 0.2%, to $60.87 per barrel, most likely playing back the news that from next year the world’s oil will be less and about its future “disappearance”. Today in the morning moderate growth continues again, and rises by 0.26%.

We believe that today at the opening the ruble will be inclined, most likely, to divergent dynamics. We keep the forecast for the dollar at 64-65 rubles unchanged. and at the euro rate of 70.7-71.5 rubles.

Natalia Milchakova, Director of Alpari’s Analytical Department