Activity has returned to the currency section of the Moscow Exchange, although ruble pairs still remain within the traded ranges. The US dollar rose by half a percent to 63.88 rubles by the middle of the trading day on Friday, while the euro rose by 0.6% to 70.56 rubles.

Despite the slightly more pronounced amplitude of fluctuations of the ruble, the couples themselves are not moving anywhere: the “American” still remains inside the corridor 63.25-64.15 rubles, the euro – in the range of 70.10-71.25 rubles. Nothing changes here.

Today, oil loses a little in price, the barrel is traded at $61.90, but as long as black gold remains above $61, the ruble will be calm.

There is no clear driver in the news stream that would show the direction of further movement. On the one hand, nothing bad happens – it means that nothing prevents the market from growing further and strengthening – the ruble. On the other hand, against the background of the lack of news, investors can reduce activity in the evening, and then trades will go within the limits of very narrow ranges.

Anna Bodrova, Senior Analyst, Alpari Information and Analysis Center