Teaching 教學 Tradingview Strategy Tester: Academic Guide

Teaching 教學 Tradingview Strategy Tester: Academic Guide

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a comprehensive traders/” title=”personalcapital: Guide to Forex Trading for New Traders”>charting platform that offers users access to market analysis tools to help traders make informed decisions when trading. It provides interactive charts and analytical tools for stocks, options, commodities, crypto currencies, and forex traders. It has grown to become the most prominent traders’ forum, as it supports traders of all levels across the world. Users benefit from the platform’s extensive range of technical analysis tools, innovative charting options, and real-time updates on market events.

Can You Backtest on TradingView?

Yes, it is possible to backtest trading strategies on TradingView. Backtesting allows investors to evaluate the performance of their strategy against historical data. The TradingView backtesting feature enables users to test their strategy against market conditions by simulating the trading process on a historical period. It also offers the possibility to evaluate a strategy’s performance based on current or simulated trading accounts. The backtesting platform of TradingView is both comprehensive and intuitive, making it simple for both beginner and experienced traders to apply their strategies against market conditions.

How to Use TradingView Strategy Tester 教學 Forex?

TradingView’s Strategy Tester is an innovative platform that enables traders to backtest their trading strategies in a simulated environment. By running the test in a simulated environment, traders can evaluate their strategies and discover ways to improve performance by making tweaks and adjustments.

To use the Strategy Tester, traders must first specify the start and end dates for the backtesting period. This will give users an indication of how their strategy performed over the specified time frame. Once the desired start and end dates have been specified, users can then select which currency pairs they wish to test. The Strategy Tester will then simulate the trade and show the results in both graphical and table format. The graphical format allows traders to carefully analyze their strategy and identify areas of potential improvement.

Users can also customize their parameters when backtesting their strategy. This allows traders to customize the percentage of capital used per trade, the buy/sell rules, and other aspects that can ultimately impact performance. Additionally, the Strategy Tester includes analysis functions that enable traders to analyze the strategy’s performance under various conditions.

Traders can also take advantage of the Strategy Tester’s “Deep Backtesting” feature, which provides them with detailed analysis and recommendations based on their trading strategies. This is an invaluable tool for improving a strategy’s performance. Deep Backtesting provides comprehensive insights into the strategy, showing how a certain trading condition could have performed at different times of the day or week.

In conclusion, TradingView’s Strategy Tester is an innovative and comprehensive platform for backtesting trading strategies. The intuitive interface makes it easy for traders of all levels to evaluate their strategies and optimize their performance. From the more advanced Deep Backtesting feature to the basic backtest feature, the Strategy Tester provides users with a range of powerful tools to analyze and adjust their strategy as needed.

TradingView Strategy Tester 教學 Review

TradingView 網站是個看盤的網站,可以讓你設定參數、歷史資料進行測試交易策略,ード執行模擬交易。搭配ardBollinger Band是個常見的技術指標,而它位於策略測試器中有哪些功能,讓我們來看看。

使用 TradingView 的 Stratgy Tester 模擬交易

無論是作為交易新手或中級交易者,事先模擬交易是確保交易決策是否正確的重要步驟,而 TradingView 網站上的策略測試器,是交易者可以免費使用的一項優秀工具。它可以模擬交易策略,並且可以以多樣化的方式對策略進行測試,甚至可以將測試結果圖表化,並立即以數據觀看測試成果。

TradingView 的 Stratgy Tester 的功能簡介

TradingView 的 Stratgy Tester 可以在看盤網站上將你的交易策略,導入策略測試器中進行模擬測試,且它可以支持多種不同交易平台的執行。此外,它提供了一個多功能的交易習慣分析報告,可以根據測試的結果,歸納出一個更詳細的交易情況分析,並深入了解交易行為與環境的關係。

另外,它可以支持加載一些常見的交易指標如Bollinger Band 等,以便交易者快速導入到看盤行情中,不僅可以嘗試常見的策略,也可以更具現場行情更改交易條件,它也可以增加多條動態級距標記,輔助交易者觀察選擇價位的情況。

最後,TradingView 網站上的 Stratgy Tester 也有一個 List of Trades,用於保存與歷史測試有關的交易情況,以便讓交易者記錄每一個交易的細節,觀察趨勢,並能立即反應到看盤行情中,進行資料分析與後續交易開發應用。


在本文中,我們簡要介紹了 TradingView 網站上的 Stratgy Tester功能,它可以根據參數設定對交易策略進行測試模擬,並報告結果,支持多種交易指標進入看盤,以及 List of Trades 保存歷史測試的資料,開發動態指標,讓交易者過修正交易的參數與客戶思維,作出更准確的交易決定。