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What Is Market Capitalization: A Guide of Forex Trading

Market capitalization in forex is the total dollar value of all a currency’s outstanding shares in the market. This is an important metric investors use to measure the size of a company and is used to determine the market value of the underlying asset. In forex, it’s an indicator of how much of the currency is available. For example, in US forex market USD/JPY, market capitalization tells traders how much of the currency is available for trading and is useful in understanding sentiment.

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16 30 Forex News: All You Need to Know About Trading

The 16:30 forex news is one of the most important economic news releases for currency traders. This news release contains the results of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Situation report, which provides traders and investors with a detailed account of labor market developments, such as changes in non-farm payrolls, unemployment rate, and average hourly earnings. Additionally, the 16:30 forex news can provide insight into the level of consumer confidence, which can move the market. By studying the reports released at 16:30, currency traders will be better equipped to form a bias on the direction of a given currency pair.

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