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Oscylator MACD 2 Colour Histogram.mq4: Analyzing Forex Trading


The MACD 2 Colour Histogram mq4 forex indicator is an oscillator designed to receive signals from different currency pairs and identify potential trading opportunities. It is based on the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, and plots two different colour histograms on the same chart to provide a quick visual comparison of the underlying currency pair’s move. It can detect trade setups based on different conditions in the market, such as a bullish or bearish divergences in momentum, rate of change, and buy/sell signals. In addition, the MACD 2 Colour Histogram can be used in combination with other indicators to give traders a better overall picture of the market. This makes the indicator a great tool for both short term and long-term traders who are looking for high accuracy and potential profitable trades.

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