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What Time Does the International Stock Market Open?

The international foreign exchange (Forex) markets are open 24 hours a day, from 5:00pm EST Sunday until 4:00pm EST Friday. The global Forex market times can be broken down into three major trading sessions – Asian, European and North American. The Asian Forex market, which opens at 7:00pm EST on Sunday and closes at 4:00am EST on Monday, is the first session to open each week. It is followed by the European session which opens at 3:00am EST and closes at 12:00pm EST. Finally, the North American session opens from 8:00am EST to 5:00pm EST.

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What is Margin Trading in Forex Trading? A Guide Explain

Margin trading in Forex, or Foreign Exchange, is a type of trading that involves borrowing money from a broker, using the investor’s existing funds as collateral. This allows investors to buy larger amounts of a currency than they would otherwise have been able to purchase. Margin trading can be beneficial for experienced traders as it provides them with greater potential returns, however, it is important to understand the risks associated with such trading, as losses can be significant.

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