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Learn the Impulse MACD Formula for Forex Trading

The Impulse MACD formula has become a popular tool for Forex traders as it provides a unique way to identify and capture potential trading opportunities. It is based on the Momentum Indicator developed by John Ehlers and is a combination of two moving averages. The first is the MACD line which is calculated by subtracting a 26 period exponential moving average from a 12 period exponential moving average. The result – typically referred to as the “MACD line” – reflects the distance between the two averages. The second is the signal line – a 9 period exponential moving average of the MACD line. When these two lines intersect, a buy or sell signal is generated, warning traders of a potential trading opportunity. The Impulse MACD Formula is a powerful tool that combines the power of momentum with entry and exit signals to identify potential trading opportunities in the Forex market.

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