Capital employed formula: Forex Trading Strategy

Capital employed is an important concept used in forex trading. It is used to measure the amount of money that is actively being used in a trading system or strategy. The capital employed formula simply takes the total cash in circulation and subtracts liabilities from it. This gives traders a picture of how much money they have to work with, so they can better manage their trading systems. It is very important for traders to use the capital employed formula correctly, as a wrong calculation can lead to inaccurate results. By correctly using the capital employed formula, traders will be able to better understand their trading approaches and plan for better trading results.

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Cash Flow and Forex Trading: Benefits and Strategies

Cash flow Forex is a trading strategy based on the differentials in cash flows between pairs of assets, usually foreign exchange currencies. It’s known for its low risk but potentially high rewards, as long-term positions are usually held for days, weeks, and even months. Cash flow Forex involves closely monitoring currency movements matched with analysis of macroeconomic data, fluctuating interest rate differentials, and swap rate variations. By understanding the flow of money on a global scale, investors can target short and long-term opportunities with greater accuracy.

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