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Unexpected Token Struct: Identifying Common Forex Trading Errors


Structs are a powerful feature of the C language, providing users with the ability to create compound data structures which can store multiple types of values in a single variable. Unexpected token struct refers to an error that occurs when the compiler encounters an unrecognized keyword or character in a C program, indicating that the syntax is incorrect. This error usually indicates a typo or an incorrect usage of a keyword, prompting the need for users to check their code for any mistakes before proceeding.

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Order Close Error 138″: Troubleshooting Forex Trading Errors

An order close error 138 in Forex trading is a situation when a trade fails to be closed at the intended price. This can lead to big losses for the trader. This type of error usually happens when a market moves rapidly in an unexpected direction, creating a “slippage” in the market. This can cause the order to close at a different, and often less advantageous, price than the trader had originally intended. Therefore, it is important for traders to be aware of market changes to reduce the chance of this type of error occurring.

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