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color universal Stochastic index. it is likely to color the rising and falling lines and levels of the index.  

The index can be calculated as a standard one according to the purchase price or as a derivative based on another following indicators included in the
standard package of the MetaTrader 4 terminal:

  • AD – an index of accumulation and distribution of quantity.
  • OBV – index of the balance quantity.
  • Volume-tick volume indicator.
  • AC-acceleration/deceleration indicator.
  • AO is the Williams Oscillator.
  • BullsPower-an indicator of the strength of bulls.
  • BearsPower-an indicator of the strength of bears.
  • BullsPower-BearsPower – the gap between the strength of bulls and bears.
  • Force-force index indicator.
  • MFI is an indicator of the market relief index.
  • ATR-indicator of the average true range.
  • Momentum the momentum indicator.
  • RSI is an indicator of relative strength.
  • Moving Average – the moving average indicator.
  • CCI – indicator of the trading channel index.
  • ADX is an indicator of the average direction of movement index.
  • DeMarker – DeMarker indicator.
  • Standard Deviation-standard deviation indicator.
  • osma-Convergence/divergence histogram indicator.
  • MACD-convergence/divergence indicator.
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By default, Price is used.

The indicator can be used for manual or automatic trading as part of an Expert Advisor. For automatic trading
, the readings of indicator buffers of the double type can be used:

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