Solving ordermodify error 130 for Forex Trading

Solving ordermodify error 130 for Forex Trading

Understanding OrderSend() Error 130

Forex traders understand the importance of the right technology when it comes to their trading activities. Errors can come up a lot of times, but orderSend Error 130 in particular has caused a lot of confusion. This error pertains to order modification when the trader attempts to modify an existing order using the OrderSend() command.

In the MQL4 language, this error is called ERR_INVALID_STOPS (Invalid stops). When this issue takes place, the trader will get an error message that says “Invalid stops,” and this can be quite frustrating for the trader. This is most commonly caused when attempting to modify or place an order that falls within a broker’s set limits when it comes to the distance between their current price and the stop or limit orders.

What Causes OrderSend Error 130?

OrderSend error 130 will happen when the trader attempts to modify the Stop or Limit of an existing position. The OrderSend command requires parameters on the position to be updated and this is when OrderSend 130 normally happens. The modification of an existing order can be set by the OrderSendModify function.

Many brokers have certain price limitations or requirements that must be met. This is when OrderSend error 130 happens if the stops or limits for a current position don’t meet their requirements. Different brokers have different requirements so these should be researched before attempting to modify a position.

How to Fix OrderSend Error 130

The first and most important step in fixing OrderSend error 130 is understanding what the exact requirements are from the broker. Once the trader knows what the broker needs, the trader can then adjust accordingly and meet the broker’s requirements.

It’s also important to note that the OrderSendModify command should be placed within a while loop to ensure a successful modification of the existing position. By attempting to modify the position multiple times, the trader will be able to fix the issue and get the needed position.

The OrderSend error 130 is a common error that many Forex traders run into. By understanding the cause of this error and what the broker requirements are, a trader can get the position they need and get back to trading without any issues. By understanding the issue and sticking to the broker’s requirements this issue can be avoided in the future. Article should have unrepeated words, phrases.

Overview of Ordermodify Error 130

Ordermodify Error 130 is an error message that appears while a user is trading in a MetaTrader program. This error message is related to Forex trading. This specific error appears when a trade order is modified and the value of SL (stop loss) or TP (take profit) is outside of the allowed Max/Min levels. The Max/Min values were set by the broker for the specific security, added to the platform. In this case, the order will not be accepted by the broker.

Common Causes for Ordermodify Error 130

There are several different common causes of Ordermodify Error 130 that you should know about when trading in the Forex market. One of the most common reasons is when a trader tries to adjust a stop loss on an open trade. The stop loss order is installed at the moment that a trader opens a position, however, when the market moves and the price changes, traders often try to adjust the stop loss in order to prevent losses from increasing. Another cause of this error is when a trader attempts to modify an order, such as by changing the stop loss and take profit values. In this scenario, the requested change must be within the Min/Max limits otherwise the order will not be accepted.

Resolving Ordermodify Error 130

Fortunately, resolving Ordermodify Error 130 is a relatively simple task. The first step is to check the settings of the broker and make sure that the commands being called for the orders are within reasonable limits. If the issue persists, the next step is to review the currently open positions and stop loss settings to see if any modification is necessary to bring the orders within the acceptable range. If this fails, then the order will need to be cancelled and re-submitted with the same or different parameters. This should allow the transaction to go through.

In conclusion, Ordermodify Error 130 is an error that is seen when attempting to modify orders in the Forex market. The issue is usually seen when attempting to edit an existing stop loss, take profit or modify the order type. The error can be resolved by making sure the parameters for the order are within the range specified by the broker. If this doesn’t work, then it may be necessary to cancel and re-submit the order in order for the transaction to go through.