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  •  the Sniper MACD indicator is a redesigned macd that has been improved by several methods
  •  there’s additional filtering
  •  it is smoothed several times so as to get maximum results
  •  a quantity indicator has also been added to it to accurately display information about the market and the current price state
  •  I recommend using the indicator timeframes from m1 to m30 as it is configured for short-term timeframes
  •  I advise you to trade on highly volatile currency pairs such as
    eur. usd – eur. jpy
  •  thank you for your focus and effective trading.

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Oxford graduate with honors. He worked in large financial projects for well-known Wall Street corporations. After he earned his first capital and a reputation as a successful trader, he opened his own company. At the moment, the growth of the company's capital is 20% per year.
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