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SN Lavina MT5

the SN Lavina Expert Advisor uses the identical trading strategy with some simplifications. The Expert Advisor permits you to define the direction
for the first buy or sell order, the lot multiplier along with the desired profit relative to the extreme orders of the corridor. regardless of
the market direction, the EA will close transactions mechanically when there is an exit in the corridor. 

Adviser SN Lavina really easy to use. You pick the direction of trading and the Expert Advisor automatically opens the
first trade. After opening it, the EA locations a pending order in the opposite direction or tracks the entry point for the
market.  If the market goes in an unfavorable direction, the EA hedges previous trades by placing an opposite order of a
larger size. If the market reverses again, the algorithm will repeat until the market moves in the direction of the last open
order. The result is a “trading channel” with an upper level of take profit and a lower take profit, as well as a series of buy and
sell transactions at certain levels and with different lot sizes within this channel. As soon as it works as one of the TP levels-everything
open trades will close with a total profit.

The market is always in motion, any side market ends and the trend begins, so the market has been working for many years and will
always work. Therefore, this strategy ” 

has the right to life.” 

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SN Lavina MT4 – version for MT4

The scenario of motion.


    • trademode-direction of the first order
    • comment – comment on orders
    • Magic-magic, the identifier of the EA’s orders
    • TP – breakeven level for closing positions
    • Offset-step for setting the delay (corridor width)
    • Multiplier – lot multiplier for the next order
    • Start Lot – lot of the first order 
    • TP line color – the color of the line to indicate the TP output level
    • TP line style – line style
    • TP line width – the thickness of the line

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