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According to experts, trading against the fashion is dangerous, and sometimes we probably do it from mistake. The Simple trend Info index is designed to display the trend of an asset course on different timeframes, what helps to minimize the possibility of making a trade against the trend. The indicator uses regular moving averages, based on which it determines the kind of trend – bullish or bearish – and displays the trend on the display. There are 5 choices available for picking a mainframe, you can customize them as you’d like. The time frames by default:

  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • H4
  • H1 and
  • 30 minutes
  • ID – ID used when loading multiple instances of the indicator
  • Vertical Shift – vertical shift
  • Horizontal Shift – horizontal shift
  • Enter Symbol-enter the symbol
  • Display Symbol – displays the symbol. Leave the value blank to select the current character.
  • Fast Moving Average Period – the period of the fast moving average
  • Applied Price – the price used for calculations
  • MA Method-moving Average method
  • Slow Moving Average Period – the period of the slow moving average
  • Applied Price – the price used for calculations
  • MA Method-moving Average method
  • First Time Frame – the first time frame
  • Second Time Frame – second Time frame
  • Third Time Frame – the third time frame
  • Fourth Time Frame – the fourth time frame
  • Fifth Time Frame – the fifth time frame
  • Buy Color – color of buy signals
  • Sell Color – color of sell signals
  • Font Type – the font
  • Font Size – the font size
  • Line Spacing – line spacing
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If the fast moving average is above the slow moving average, this indicates a bullish trend. If the fast moving average is below the slow moving average, this indicates a bearish trend. Set up the moving averages (period, price and method) and let the indicator determine the current trend. The indicator will display the trend of the asset class based on five selected timeframes, which can be adjusted at your discretion.

When loading the indicator on the chart, leave the ID parameter set to 0. If you want to load multiple indicators on the chart, you must set a unique identifier for each of them. Otherwise, it will overwrite the previous indicator with the same ID.

Vertical offset default is set to 110, and the horizontal 8. If you would like to add additional indicator displaying a different symbol, the difference in vertical distance must default to be 100, and horizontally – 160. Thus, the shift of the second indicator on the vertical should be equal to 210, and horizontal 8. Or vertical shift 110 and a horizontal 168.

You can configure the display parameters of the indicator: color (bullish and bearish), font, font size and line spacing.

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