Safeness Reviewed: Is N1CM a Reliable Forex Company?

Safeness Reviewed: Is N1CM a Reliable Forex Company?

Using the ⁣Best Forex Broker to Ensure⁤ Safety ⁣While⁤ Trading

Forex​ trading can be a⁢ great​ way to make a living if⁢ you know ⁢how to go about it, and ⁣selecting the ⁤right broker is the first step to ensuring⁢ a safe​ and secure operation. Number One Capital Markets ⁣(N1CM) is ⁤one ‍of the biggest Forex brokers out there and is well worth a look if you’re​ serious about trading. Before you ⁢get started though, it’s ⁢important⁣ to know just how safe‍ N1CM is ‌when it ‌comes to ​Forex trading.

Understanding the Minimum Deposit Needed to ⁢Open an Account

The minimum deposit needed to⁤ open an‍ account ‍with N1CM is $100. This⁤ is ​a‌ good ⁤amount for a broker ‌of their size ​as it makes them suitable for newcomers⁣ who don’t want to risk ⁤too much money at first. However,​ should you wish ‌to trade ⁤larger volumes, the deposit can be ‌increased.⁣ This means that‍ N1CM is suitable for all ​kinds⁤ of traders,⁢ regardless of experience.

Forex ⁤Spreads and ‌Leverage ‌

N1CM offers‍ a variety‌ of competitive spreads ‌ on a large range​ of currency pairs.⁤ They have a minimum spread of 0.3 pips and a maximum​ of 1.8, which ⁣are among the best in ​the industry.⁤ N1CM also offers their clients leverage of up to 400:1. This ⁢means​ that traders can open ​positions with a ‌relatively small deposit and still potentially make healthy⁤ profits if they’re able to make successful ⁤trades.

Comparing Security Standards⁣ at N1CM

When it comes to security, N1CM has taken all ⁢the necessary​ steps ⁤to protect their clients. ‌They use various methods of encryption to ensure⁢ that all your data is safe and secure. ‌All funds ​in trading accounts are⁢ managed by the bank,⁢ and all ​payments are subject to anti-fraud measures. In addition, they⁢ have a ​number​ of measures in place such as negative balance⁢ protection that prevents traders ‌from losing​ more than their‌ initial⁢ deposit.

The ‍Final Verdict

Overall, it’s clear that​ N1CM is‌ a⁢ reliable⁤ and‌ secure ‍broker for ‌Forex traders. With ⁢competitive spreads, low minimum deposits, and a range of security measures, it’s a great option for ⁣those who wish to get started ​in‌ Forex trading. Most importantly, the fact ⁢that‌ US clients are accepted means​ that N1CM‍ is ⁤open to all ⁣who wish to get ​involved ‍in​ the lucrative world of Forex⁣ trading.

What is Number One⁤ Capital Markets?

Number One Capital Markets (N1CM) is a broker ‍offering high-risk investments and a TU Overall Score of 3.58⁢ out​ of 10. It ​offers⁢ a ‌platform for ​trading Contracts-For-Difference (CFDs) and Forex-based investments, ​as well as a wide range of other services.⁤ With many investors ⁣attracted to ⁤their ‌offers, the​ question is, ⁢“Is N1CM ‍safe ‌to trade with?” In ‌reviewing this, ⁤it⁤ is important to look at​ the history, customer⁢ reviews and the ‌regulatory status.

History⁤ of Number One Capital⁤ Markets

Number One ⁣Capital Markets has been in the market ‌since ⁤the year ⁢2013,⁤ meaning ‍it is a relatively new market entrant. The broker’s principal business address is in Cyprus and it is operated by ‘Mills Capital⁤ Group’. The⁢ company has developed a ‘Pro platform’ for trading​ CFDs ⁣and ⁤Forex‍ derivatives, which can be accessed using a desktop​ or mobile app.

Is N1CM Safe? – Review of Customer Reviews

The customer ​reviews of ⁣N1CM gives ‍mixed signals.‍ On one hand, many customers ⁤have posted positive ‌reviews⁤ of their experience with N1CM. ‍They have⁤ praised the⁣ performance of the trading platform, the‌ professional customer⁤ service, the⁤ low costs and‍ the free trading ⁢tools. On the other hand, there are also negative reviews from investors who have experienced slow⁤ execution, ⁣zero payouts, ⁤long‍ delays ‌in ‌account‍ withdrawals⁣ and ‌poor⁤ customer ⁣service.

Regulatory Status ​of N1CM

The ‌regulatory status of Number One Capital⁢ Markets is not⁢ very clear. The broker‌ does ​not appear ‌to be authorised by any regulated​ financial⁢ institution in‍ Europe‍ or the US. ⁢It is also‍ not licensed ⁤by CySEC or the FCA,⁤ the​ two most respected regulatory ⁢bodies in ​the forex industry. As such, investing in N1CM ⁤carries⁤ an inherent‍ risk ‍of ‌losing your⁤ funds.‌

Conclusion – Is N1CM ​Safe?

Number One Capital Markets may⁤ offer features that make it⁤ attractive to some investors, but ‍their lack‍ of ​a ​regulated license raises doubts in‍ the minds of many ⁤potential customers.⁣ Looking ‌at the customer ‌reviews and regulatory status, it is not advisable ⁣to ⁣invest in Number One‍ Capital Markets.

Investors who are interested in trading CFDs and Forex‍ should look to reputable and regulated brokers.​ A ⁣solid regulatory status and proven customer service record ⁤show ⁣that a broker is run on ⁣a ‌legitimate⁤ business model. As such, if you ‌are​ looking for a⁣ trusted broker with zero risk, then you‍ might‍ want to consider regulated⁤ brokers.