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the Expert Advisor is designed to handle complicated situations, including loka. additionally, the Expert Advisor can successfully trade itself. To do this, it provides car-trading purposes.

BUY – allow to resolve revenue
SELL – allow to resolve purchases
Step = 60; – step involving compounding positions
profitclose – closing profit in currency
bunch = 0.01; – the initial lot of compounding
k_lot = 1.5; – averaging coefficient
max_lot = 10.0; – maximum potential quantity
startlot = 0.10; – automobile trading lot
openfirst-allow auto trading
alert – enable the Alert
modify_param-allow changing values in the screen
TimeStart – opening time of the first place
timeEnd – the finish time of the Expert Advisor (we do not open new ones, but we accompany open ones)
slippage = 30;
MAGIC = 1;
scale = 0.8; – size of the information

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The Expert Advisor finds the positions farthest from the current price and starts biting off the minimum lots from them. To do this without loss, and even with a small profit, the EA opens averaging orders with a significantly smaller volume than the order that we are trying to close and gradually reduces the volume of the losing position by accumulating profit on averaging orders.
The Expert Advisor can only work on MT5 hedge accounts, since only there you can open several positions.

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