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Elon Musk Ea revolutionary algorithm of the trading advisor for Forex

Every person on the planet has at least once heard the name of a talented inventor, the founder, owner of the innovative company SpaceX, the head of the board of directors of Tesla Motors – Ilon Musk. This man is moving the world forward – it is no exaggeration to say that all of humanity has watched him overtake the world powers in rocket science, spending a little less than a year and 3 times less money. Some call him an alien sent to Earth to accelerate humanity’s technological progress and accelerate the process of space exploration.

The innovative trading robot is named after the great inventor for the reason that it should also send each user’s trading account into space, at minimal cost.

Trading Strategy

Elon Musk EA is the result of more than 10 years of studying the markets and programming Forex trading robots and is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. This extremely profitable Expert Advisor will automatically trade for you 24/5 , making several trades a day, trading strategies based on the analysis of market volatility. In essence, the strategy uses the analysis of 16 market volume indicators and is controlled by just a few parameters in the algorithm code:

  • accurate signals;
  • the most advanced strategy;
  • explicit risk control;
  • no martingale;
  • works perfectly with any broker and has undergone many years of testing by the developer on reputable platforms such as Tickmill, Pepperstone or FusionMarket.

The work of the robot is based on long-term observations and trading practice – each step is repeatedly checked and justified.

Why should I install the robot as soon as possible?

It is the optimal variant of trade both for experienced traders and for beginners and possibility to start to receive profit already today:

  • instant installation based on ready-made templates;
  • detailed instructions;
  • no knowledge of Forex trading is required to get started;
  • full compatibility with popular MT4/5;
  • the fastest and easiest way to start automated trading.

The bot is able to control trading from 1 to 26 currency pairs simultaneously – in three different modes.

If in doubt you can always test the algorithm, importantly on actual data only. Testing in real time accurately reflects the work of the algorithm, because this approach does not simulate the market from the past. The algorithm performs its analysis in real time and makes trading decisions itself.

EA demo and other materials on the algorithm you can find at the developer’s website. For the community of users there is a forum and a Telegram channel where the results of bot trading are published. The presence of active support for users and future buyers of EA, as well as periodic software updates, indicates that the project has existed for several years and will continue to evolve for the owners and potential buyers of the algorithm.

About author

Oxford graduate with honors. He worked in large financial projects for well-known Wall Street corporations. After he earned his first capital and a reputation as a successful trader, he opened his own company. At the moment, the growth of the company's capital is 20% per year.
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