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portfoliohedgingstoporderonesymbol-trend adviser, for opening orders from the middle of the channel on the third Elliott wave, works on the breakdown of the level, from the custom indicator of the channel width TMA, with a fixed S/L and T / P. The Expert Advisor is designed to determine the optimal entry point into the market after a correction, if you have confirmation of a strong trend movement, but you are a beginner and still doubt the correctness of your actions, it is always better to wait for the end of the correction and then enter the market,so we think and created an expert who tracks the general price movement on the correction, determines the entry point for the continuation of the general trend.

The breakeven level is used – the concept of the practical part of trading, when the StopLoss of an open position when a certain level of profit is reached is transferred by the trader to the opening price of the contract, thereby making it possible to close the transaction without loss under any circumstances.

Recommended timeframe for M5 operation.  Contact details [email protected] we will prepare an expert, an indicator for your task.

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  • entradeinfo-Show trade information   
  • startwork – Time when the Expert Advisor starts working
  • finishwork – The end time of the Expert Advisor
  • basicSetTickCounter – Default value for tick counter
  • firstvolume – Order volume
  • percentofdeviation-Deviation of the entry point from the middle of the TMA channel (100-100% channel width)
  • deviationsorder – Price deviation for opening a position
  • periodatr – APR/TMA period
  • stopLoss – StopLoss
  • takeProfit – TakeProfit
  • expMagic – the Unique order number
  • timelife – Order lifetime in minutes, 0-off
  • enbuystop-Allow placing BUY STOP orders
  • shiftbuyordervalue – Distance from the current price to the stopbuy order in percentage points.
  • acceptentrallbuy-THRALL level of inclusion in the pp.
  • acceptleveltrallbuy – THRALL level in pp.
  • acceptsteptrallbuy-THRALL step in pp.
  • ensellstop-Allow placing SELL STOP orders
  • shiftsellordervalue – Distance from the current price to the stopsell order in percentage points.
  • acceptentrallsell-THRALL level of inclusion in the item.
  • acceptleveltrallsell – THRALL level in pp.
  • acceptsteptrallsell – THRALL step in pp.

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