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Partial mobilization of investors |

The dollar exchange rate, set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on September 22, was raised to 60.87 rubles. (+85 kop.), increased to 60.21 rubles. (+16 kopecks), rate up to 8.60 (+6 kopecks) During trading on September 21, the dollar rate rose to 60.62 rubles. (+2 kopecks) the euro rose to 60.07 rubles. (+1 kop.), the yuan against the ruble fell to 8.57 (-7 kopecks). Against the backdrop of news of partial mobilization and the continued collapse of the stock market, the ruble exchange rate against foreign currencies remained surprisingly stable and returned to yesterday’s closing levels by evening.

The stock market on September 21 continued to decline against the backdrop of news of partial mobilization. At the same time, after the morning shock, when it reached the level of 2000 points, the closing price of the day was above 2130 points. By the end of the day, investors had better analyzed the morning news and started buying back the market. However, there is no significant positive news for investors yet. Budget expenditures from the expansion of the SVO are only growing and this may affect the growth of the tax burden. How relevant are the data on the deficit of the Russian budget planned for 2023, announced yesterday by Mishustin, taking into account the new input from the President, is still unclear. Considering that the government bond index continues to decline, the market is predicting an increase in inflation, new sanctions pressure and, as a result, an increase in the key rate. The situation on the stock market continues to be turbulent. Of the pluses – the emerging flow of bonds of Russian issuers denominated in yuan. Liquidity on the market makes it possible to carry out fairly serious placements, and investors with yuan are not afraid of the risks of Russian issuers.

The cost of futures for crude oil at the auctions on September 21 grew up to 91.20 USD per barrel by the evening (+0.19% against yesterday’s close). The price of futures for oil of brand , decreased to 83.30 USD per barrel -0.76% by the close of yesterday). The decline in oil prices continues.

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