Despite the fact that the regulated forex market in Russia began relatively recently, from the moment when the rapid development of the Internet, the market of dealing services appeared players who for almost two decades were able to virtually monopolize the market. This does not mean that there are several companies and there will be nothing left for the rest. Rather, it suggests that due to a large number of customers there is an opportunity to offer such good trading conditions that competitors become very difficult, there is a struggle for literally every customer. Russia’s largest brokers keep the mark, keep up with the times, and in some aspects even surpass foreign giants, which have been on the market almost since the advent of currency trading in the form to which we are all accustomed.

In total, you can distinguish the three best companies, which can be safely called the core of brokerage in the currency sphere – it’s Russia’s biggest brokers. Trading activity began in the late nineties, but it became full-fledged only in the mid-zero – the emergence of dedicated channels of communication made it possible to register and participate in bidding almost everyone who wants to. It should be understood that fifteen years ago advertising did not reach the level of development that is now, there was no YouTuba and blogging, the sites were rather informative and did not look like a minefield of advertising. Therefore, all activity was reduced to increasing its client base in completely different ways, popularizing trading and introducing the word broker into society. This is a wonder to the Soviet man, far from the capitalist mindset, especially since the speculation was not so long ago punished – and here is offered to earn. So, let’s start with the most prominent representatives of forex in Russia.

Forex broker Alpari


One of three whales that started their way on the market about twenty years ago. At the moment, one of the leaders in terms of the number of customers, the total turnover. The company initially relied on user convenience and offered to use the MetaTrader trading terminal as soon as possible. Another interesting, but now a historical fact can be called that Alpari were among the first to offer the trader a full-fledged ECN accountson which there was the highest speed of execution and the lack of revot. Who caught those times, surely remember how in the active market it is almost impossible to enter into a deal from the market, constantly popping out a window with a new price. It was a real breakthrough, which gave the opportunity to deal with the now familiar all scalping. Since then, little has changed – the company is still tuned to the maximum functionality and comfort in trading. For example, despite the fact that the developer of the meta-trader tends to translate everyone to the fifth version of the program, many traders don’t like it and they prefer the fourth. Alpari has scores for both the fifth and fourth – you can choose who’s more to your liking.

Trading conditions at a very high level:

  1. Low spreads. Unlike fans of marketing gimmicks with zero spreads and a huge commission at the same time, the broker’s accounts can see 0.7-0.8 points on the EUR/USD pair without commission, which is excellent indicator. Together with a good speed of processing of trade orders, it turns out to be a paradise for short-term trading. Even on exotic pairs spreads are quite acceptable, no 10-15 points in the European session on the pair OF GBP/N’D not to see.
  2. Margin requirements and leverage allow you to trade almost unlimited amounts. For most and 1:100 is enough, but if you use strategies with localizing positions, you can get a really large volume of open positions that will overlap each other. In addition, localization implies a reduction in the requirements for securing a counter position.

It deserves a special mention bonus programwhich, by the way, has all the largest and best brokers in Russia. In addition to small pleasant bonuses, such as the return of commissions for different types of payments, there are also solid seasonal bonuses offered several times a year for a limited time. The essence is to get about 100% of the bonus funds from the broker for the amount of top-up during the period of the action. Next, this bonus needs to be worked out for a month. For each sold lot is given a certain amount, at Alpari it is $5. Once the required amount is traded or the stock expires, the amount worked is transferred to the account and becomes available for withdrawal. This is a very convenient way to get extra profit, while there is no need to strain too much, this money is earned in parallel with the main trade.

Alpari also has one of the oldest competitive systems – you can get quite solid prizes by participating in various competitions of traders. They last all year round, sometimes the amount of prize money increases. This is a great opportunity for beginners to prove themselves and get money on their first deposit. In general, Alpari is well deservedly included in the list of the best major brokers in Russia, the company is constantly developing, improving and taking its place in the industry leaders, often setting the tone for new trends in the industry, setting an example that should be Other.

Forex Broker Forex Club

Forex Club

If you look at the date of the broker’s founding, it turns out that Forex Club is almost the first such company in Russia. At the moment it is included in the Three Russia’s largest brokers, which is ahead of everyone else by a wide margin. The company started by offering a little-known terminal Rumuswhich many prefer to use to this day. In parallel with it there is an opportunity to trade in the usual metatrader, that is, the user has a choice, everyone chooses what is more to your liking. But the most interesting development can be called a trading platform Libertexoffering excellent trading conditions and not requiring downloading – work is done right in the browser. It is distinguished by the fact that it offers to trade a huge list of tools, some of which are generally few where presented (for example, gold to bitcoin). This is a very simple application, which can be sorted out in five minutes and, you can say, ideal for beginners. However, the analysis base Libertex is almost as good as that in the metatrader, the analysis can be carried out without any restrictions, all the main tools are present.

It differs from other large brokers in that it has enough powerful curriculum. It is designed for both beginners and more experienced traders up to the most detailed individual program, everyone will find something useful for themselves. With a large enough deposit, you can count on the help of qualified employees who are ready to clearly answer any question regarding trade, and around the clock there is support, which can be handled with all problems. Maximum opportunities are opened to customers who have more than $50,000 in the account – personal assistant, direct contact with the chief dealer and analyst. With a deposit of more than $500,000, the trader gets access to the closed analytics, which greatly enhances the understanding of what is happening at the moment in the market. Also quite interesting is the structure of portfolio investments, there are ready-made solutions that allow you to earn with moderate risk and good profitability.


Libertex Platform

Forex Broker Forum – one of the oldest and best profile resources on the internet. Among the participants are many who traded, using modems with a phone line, that is, experienced, who saw a lot in trading people. The entire forum is divided into sections, separate branches are created for the main pairs. Such solutions are almost unlimited possibilities for self-learning, as participants not only explain their decisions, but are also ready to help newcomers, to suggest what is best to do, to explain one or another moment in the analysis. In general, it is a very convenient platform for communication, where you can share your ideas, listen to criticism and advice.

Trading opportunities are almost unlimited:

  1. The trader is available more than 100 trading instrumentsincluding basic raw materials, indices, a huge number of currency pairs.
  2. You can start with almost any amount – the minimum amount of the transaction is 0.01 lots.
  3. There is a database of signals, connecting to which, you can get trading ideas implemented by experienced traders – Signal providers. To do this, you just need to subscribe, everything will come to the post office.

Forex Club is one of the largest brokers in Russia, giving access to trades to anyone. For more than two decades, the company has managed to win the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers who to this day remain with the company, earn and enjoy the quality of service, trading opportunities and flexible approach of the broker to the client.

Forex broker InstaForex


The last of the three large brokers represented in Russia has been going on for quite some time. This is a stable, reliable broker with a rich history and a huge number of clients. A distinctive feature can be called Permanent bonus systemthat are offered to all customers for each replenishment – then it remains only to work on the terms and everything, the money is transferred to the client’s account. Unlike the seasonal offers of other companies, the instaForex bonus program is permanent, it can be turned into a source of permanent income, which many people use.

The hallmark of this broker is a very large list of trading tools. Among the contracts for the difference of value you can find almost all the running shares of the Markets of the United States, that is, the broker essentially replaces Western stock brokers, while trading conditions are offered many times better, for example, leverage. As a result, it turns out that in addition to currency trading there is an opportunity to also actively participate in trading on the stock market, which for many is a serious advantage. The stock sector is calmer and more predictable, so in times of instability in the world economy, it is stocks that can become the niche in which it will be possible to work quietly, at least it is more fundamentally justified than pure speculative forex.

The largest brokers in Russia are represented by the described three companies, which have existed on the market for many years, have proved their loyalty to clients, reliability and professionalism. If a beginner has a question – where to register the account, then first you can advise any of the listed, it will be the right decision. There is no point in ranking them, it will be subjective, because each of them has its advantages. Reputation needs to be earned, and it takes a lot of time. During the entire period of existence of large brokers on the market came and left a huge number of small offices that did not withstand competition.

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