Order Close Error 138″: Troubleshooting Forex Trading Errors

Order Close Error 138″: Troubleshooting Forex Trading Errors

Forex trading has been around for a long time and it can still be considered a relatively new way to invest and make money. When trading forex, it is important to understand all the different aspects related to it, including order close error 138. This error can cause a lot of confusion and stress, as it can disrupt the process of forex trading. It is important to understand what this error is and how to resolve it so that you can go back to trading confidently. This article is intended to provide information about order close error 138, as well as how to identify, prevent, and resolve the error.

What Is Order Close Error 138?

Order Close Error 138 Definition

Order close error 138 is an error signal sent by the broker to the trader’s expert advisor when the OrderSend() function call is made. This error signifies that the price used in the order is different from the Ask or Bid price. This could be caused by a number of factors, such as market volatility, low liquidity, or even the broker’s policy.

Causes of Order Close Error 138

When tradingforex, the market is constantly changing, and changes in the market can affect prices and spreads. When there is a sudden change in the market or a lack of liquidity, it can cause a spread to widen, resulting in a difference between the price used in the order and the Ask or Bid price. Other causes include large orders, external factors such as news and events, and the broker’s policy.

Identifying and Preventing Order Close Error 138

In order to identify and prevent order close error 138, it is important to monitor the market conditions and watch for changes in the prices and spreads. It is also important to understand the terms and conditions of your broker and have a good understanding of their policies. To prevent this error, traders should always use a Stop Loss and Take Profit order to control their risk and reduce the chances of order close errors.

Resolving Order Close Error 138

If order close error 138 does occur, it can be resolved fairly quickly, depending on the situation. The best way to resolve this error is to not make any more trades until the problem has been addressed. To resolve it, traders can contact the broker to see if there is a way to modify the order, or if the order needs to be reopened or canceled. Additionally, traders can look at the market conditions and try to understand what caused the spread to widen and to try to anticipate it in the future.

Order close error 138 can be a frustrating problem when trading forex, but it can be identified, prevented, and resolved. To identify, prevent, and resolve this error, it is important to understand the market conditions, the terms and conditions of the broker, and to use a stop loss and take profit order. By following these steps, traders can continue trading confidently and avoid any issues that may arise.

Order Close Error 138: Overview

Order Close Error 138 is a MetaTrader server error that occurs when the trading server loses connection and EA works on the server. When this happens, a message prompting the user to “check their rights” is displayed. This issue is relatively common, and affects those trading with know automating software. As such, it important to inform yourself of the origins and solutions of this issue.

Why Does Order Close Error 138 Occur?

Order Close Error 138 occurs when a live trading server is disconnected from the forex platform while the Expert Advisor is operating. This disconnection is likely to happen when the Expert Advisor is conducting a series of trades and does not have control of the server when the market conditions change. When this happens, the user is sent a “Check your Rights” message.

Solutions for Order Close Error 138

Order Close Error 138 can be an incredibly frustrating issue. Fortunately, there are ways to address it. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the account credentials and access rights are correctly configured. This means that the server will be able to communicate with the forex platform correctly. If the issue persists, it is probably necessary to upgrade to the latest version of the Expert Advisor. Additionally, research into dedicated servers and stable data feeds can be beneficial. This can help to create an environment that is better equipped to cope with any potential changes in the market conditions. Ultimately, the goal is to decrease the likelihood of Order Close Error 138 occurring.