Information about the NPEA( project.

Let’s see what NPEA means by itself:
artificial neural network – “a mathematical model with its software / hardware implementation, built on the principle of organization and functioning of a biological neural network”. You can put it more clearly and briefly:
“NPEA is an automated trading system that analyzes the market based on a neural network.”

An artificial neural network allows modeling a non-linear function with input and output data.

By its “nature”, the NPEA mechanical trading system is able to independently adapt to a changing market situation. Correctly trained and correctly sharpened into the environment neural networks “live” analyze the market situation at each tick of the price movement.

NPEA can use not only a quotation series, but also any information of a fundamental or technical nature that comes to the exchange in arbitrary proportions. All events occurring in the market are reflected in the price.

The thresholds of sensitivity to input data are set. The algorithm analyzes, classifies and groups events occurring in the market. Conflicting, mutually exclusive information that can block NPEA is eliminated.

On the company’s website, I also saw the technical support contact details and contacted them. After talking with them, I decided to install a demo version of the NPEA trading robot and check all their words and statements. Is he really that good?

Professional Opinion

I asked friends of the traders who had been in the trading market for more than 10 years and asked them for an opinion about NPEA and whether they had even heard about them. And I was pleasantly surprised that at least one in three installed a demo version of the product and thought about acquiring a real account.
    I also looked through the forums for reviews of this product, several forums devoted entire topics to this expert adviser.


The trading robot seemed to me a very promising development.
In today’s market, most trading robots have primitive strategies that are long outdated.
This algorithm made a great impression on me. I will continue testing an already real trading account and make an article about it. To buy or not, well, at least you should get acquainted.