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Not a grid! Not a martingale! No manual setup demanded! Each trade is protected by a stop loss.

the EA only transactions at night for a brief time period at the conclusion of the New York session.

It uses minutes of low volatility on the EURUSD set and enters trades according to the indicators. The job uses dynamic stop-losses and take-profits, that are also set according to the indicators. Safe mode based on Bollinger Bands further reduces possible losses.

The EA’s trading could be viewed on the sign:

  • Custom Magic – a unique magic number for identifying the Expert Advisor and currency pair
  • Custom Comment-comment on transactions
  • Maximum allowed spread – the maximum allowed spread according to the broker’s terms and conditions
  • Maximum allowed slipage – maximum allowed slippage
  • Use dynamic Money Management-automatic lot size detection
  • Risk – risk as a percentage of equity multiplied by 10 if the previous parameter is enabled.
  • Max Lot-Size – the maximum lot size per trade.
  • Use only fixed Lot-Size – fixed lot size when dynamic money management is disabled
  • Safety-Mode-use Bollinger bands to reduce possible losses
  • Is New York in DST-set to true if New York switched to daylight saving time (in spring). Otherwise set to false (in the winter)
  • GMT Offset in Hours in Hours – when testing on history, GMT auto-calculation is not possible, so this parameter still needs to be set manually for more efficient testing
  • Optimization Values – values for optimizing the behavior of the Expert Advisor. As market conditions change, we will publish new values. Please do not change them yourself.
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It is recommended, though not necessarily, to choose ECN brokers with five-digit quotes.

It is recommended, though not necessarily, to choose ECN brokers with five-digit quotes.

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