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Multi Currency True Strength

can you exchange inside a day / week/month, or are you a fast scalper? MCTS will show you the best trending currencies to trade on any timeframe.

MCTS steps the potency of individual currencies with a unique algorithm then pairs them together to show you the best pairs to trade.

control each of 8 big currencies and all 28 pairs.

Tracks the strength of the next currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF, CAD.

quantify the true strength of a money on any timeframe.

Be aware of which currency will be trending up and which is trending down.

This indicator shows the strength of several currencies separately, measured against all other currencies from the starting point, which is a timeframe. It measures the price movements of the currency pair of the current chart, comparing the base and quoted currency, which are the base/quoted in all other pairs, and shows the strength movements.

Currency strength is measured from a single starting point (timeframe) up to the next starting point (timeframe).

  • chart of one or more currencies
  • changing the timeframe
  • histogram function for one currency pair
  • automatic currency highlighting on the currency chart
  • automatic sorting of the best trend pairs with a descending spread
  • automatic sorting of the best trend pairs with an ascending spread
  • the displayed currency pairs can be easily changed by clicking on the indicator
  • side information panel showing the values of each of the 8 major currencies
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  • dif – the difference of forces at which the arrow is set on the graph
  • timeframe-drop-down menu for selecting a timeframe
  • width – line thickness
  • font_size-drop-down menu for selecting the font size
  • type-drop-down menu for selecting the display as a line or histogram
  • when selecting a histogram, set the “current_only” parameter to true
  • current_only-show all or only the current currency, true/false
  • Alerts – show notifications and draw arrows on the chart
  • bars – number of bars in history for calculation
  • suffix – the suffix of the currency pair, if your broker uses it

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