MT4 Dema & Tema Indicators for Forex Trading: Boost Your Profits

MT4 Dema & Tema Indicators for Forex Trading: Boost Your Profits

What You⁢ Need to Know‍ About the DEMA and‌ TEMA Indicators

The‍ DEMA ‌and TEMA are indicators used by Forex traders that are‍ more sensitive ‌versions of the ‌traditional⁢ Exponential Moving ‍Average ​ (EMA). They are both faster than the standard EMA, and‍ may⁤ be used ⁣as part of strategies like Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), Bollinger ‍Bands,‍ or TRIX. In this article, we’ll take a closer look ⁢at ‍both indicators and how they can help Forex⁣ traders.

What is the DEMA Indicator?

The DEMA indicator is ⁤a Double Exponential Moving Average. It is similar to the standard ⁤EMA in that ⁢it takes into⁣ account⁤ the closing prices of recent ​periods. However, it is more responsive to recent price data than the ⁢traditional EMA. The DEMA is‌ calculated​ by using a weighting factor for ‍each period’s closing price. This weighting factor is determined by the length of the lookback period, which is ‍the number of periods over which the values ​are averaged⁣ to produce the⁣ applicable DEMA​ value. The ​longer‍ the‌ lookback period, the heavier the weighting of the most‌ recent⁤ period’s‌ closing⁣ price.

What‍ is the TEMA Indicator?

The⁤ TEMA⁢ (Triple⁤ Exponential⁤ Moving‌ Average) shares similarities to the DEMA, but‍ is an even more ​sensitive version of the‌ EMA. It is calculated by ​taking ​the ​difference between the EMA and⁢ the EMA of the EMA. ⁤This difference ⁣is then added to an EMA of the differences from the EMA of the ⁣EMA. The result is⁢ a TEMA ‌which is more reactive ⁢to ⁣recent price ‍data than the EMA or DEMA.

How to Use ‌the DEMA and TEMA ​Indicators with MT4

The DEMA and⁣ TEMA can be used with the popular MetaTrader 4⁢ (MT4) trading software. To add the ​indicators to your MT4 chart, simply navigate to ‍“Insert > Indicators ⁤> Moving ‌Averages ⁣> DEMA ‌and TEMA”. You​ can then adjust the ⁤lookback period and ‍other settings to ‌customize the indicators to fit your specific⁢ trading needs.


The DEMA and TEMA⁣ indicators are both faster and more responsive ‌versions of‌ the ⁤traditional Exponential Moving Average. They​ can be especially ⁤useful for traders who⁤ want⁣ to ⁢make decisions based on current market conditions⁢ rather than ​historical data. With their ⁢addition ​to the MetaTrader 4 software,‌ they⁢ offer an ‌easy way to incorporate these indicators ⁢into⁤ your overall⁤ trading ⁣strategy.

What‍ Is Dema And TEMA ⁤Indicator MT4?

Dema ⁢and TEMA indicators are two of the most popular Technical ‌Analysis (TA) tools used ‍by⁣ traders. Both ⁤of them are used to measure the momentum of⁣ a price, by gathering data across different time intervals. ‍They ⁤can be⁣ used ⁣as either ⁣a ⁣leading ⁣or lagging indicator, and are most often ⁤used ⁢in line with other TA tools. The DEMA indicator stands for “Double ‌Exponential‌ Moving Average”, and it is a variation of the standard ‍Exponential Moving Average.⁣ It provides a higher weight for more recent data, and therefore follows the more recent trends more closely than the ⁤EMA. Meanwhile, the TEMA stands for “Triple Exponential Moving Average”, and is seen as a more improved variation ‌of the DEMA. It ⁣uses an even higher weight for ⁣more ‍recent data, ‌which ⁣allows for faster trend​ identification and less lagging in trend changes. ‍

What ⁤Can Dema and TEMA Indicator ⁣MT4 Be Used For?

Dema and⁢ TEMA indicators are most often used ​to ⁣identify entry and​ exit‍ points in ‌the forex ⁢market. These indicators are used by traders to either ⁤confirm an existing trend or anticipate ⁣potential⁣ price‍ movements. The higher weights placed on recent data allow traders⁢ to anticipate the results of their trades more quickly. The‌ advanced variations allow for more accurate decision-making⁤ processes as changes ‍in ‌trend can be more easily identified. Additionally, ⁣the DEMA​ indicator can help ‌traders confirm trends identified by ⁤other TA⁤ tools, thus providing a⁣ greater degree of confirmation.

It is important to note, however, that Dema and ⁢TEMA indicators can⁢ be used alongside ‍other TA tools.⁤ Most traders utilize​ a combination‌ of ‍methods ⁢to make​ informed trading decisions and reduce risks. This includes Dema ⁤and TEMA indicators providing confirmation of existing trends while other⁤ indicators⁤ provide further‍ information. By using multiple TA⁣ tools, traders can ‌significantly ‌reduce the risks associated with forex trading, particularly ​when adequate research and analysis has been conducted.


Dema and TEMA indicators ⁤are ‍two of the most ‍popular technical analysis ⁣tools used by ‍traders in ⁢the forex ​market. They provide a‌ higher weight ​to ⁣more recent data⁢ than other indicators, which helps them identify trends faster. This allows ​traders to ‍make ‍more informed ​decisions while‍ managing risk. However,⁢ it‌ is important to ‌note‍ that ‌both⁣ indicators⁣ should never‍ be​ used alone, as they are best used alongside other TA tools to ​provide ‍confirmation⁣ and additional information. This‍ allows traders⁢ to reduce their risks while still enjoying profitable trades.