If we don’t take into account not to impact the Pacific trading sessions ‘ Market, we can say that Asian session raises active bidding. It is considered a preliminary auction opening in Tokyo, which happened at 23:00 GMT, this time corresponds to 02:00 hours in Moscow. At the same time, Australian and new exchanges continue to operate, allowing for higher liquidity, which is reflected in the spread of most currency pairs. From the moment the market opening goes to a slightly more active phase, the movement becomes bigger, there is a certain trend. After another hour, Chinese sites and Singaporewhich also contributes. In general, we can differentiate a clear dependence of activities on the number of open exchanges.

Closer to the morning of Moscow was gradually coming up to close the Forex financial centre, which first went Wellington And SydneyBut this has no significant impact, because the European session will begin soon. Then trading in Japan ended in 11:00, which provided a junction with the European page 1 hours and allows you to see a greater improvement in trade turnover. The latest Platform for Asian trade session- Hong Kong S.A.R And Singapore Has a two-hour interchange with Europe. The Forex Asian session at the time of the Moscow stopped at 12:00, where time all major exchange in Europe was opened.

Main Exchange

Among the large number of trading platforms are most likely to affect the journey of trading:

  1. Sydney. This is an active participant in the Asian session, which provides relatively high liquidity in the beginning, besides that is the large financial center of the region, which has many investors and speculators. The scale, of course, is not comparable to China or Japan, but still strong enough to play an important role in the journey of trading. The change itself is more focused on trading securities, there is no replacement of foreign exchange turnover, as the average for the world.
  2. Tokyo. The most important Forex exchanges Asian trading sessions, the main platform for both people trading stocks and currency speculators. The most interesting of the point of view is that the central Bank of Japan itself is an active participant, however, it is more relevant to the domestic market, but other instruments are reflected.
  3. Hong Kong S.A.R. China currency is under strict control of the country, but this does not prevent the Chinese from operating with other currencies. Among the investors who are enough they are willing to invest a lot of money in futures trading on foreign currencies, so the exchange has a fairly high turnovers. The amount of capitalised is quite high and more than 3 trillion dollars.
  4. Singapore. For most people, the region may seem exotic, but it can be called one of the major financial centres in the region. Singapore does not play an important role in Asian trading sessions, but it has a fairly significant impact on the stock market, and because of the profound relationship between all sectors turns out that currency is also. Currency Singapore Dollar, That is relatively stable and enjoys certain requests, major earnings fall only on this site.

Major currency

The volume of Forex trading in Asian sessions is dominated by currencies in the region. They account for more than 60% of the total, and there are some couples who belong to the cross-group, but show very high activity as a target, and secondary tool. The main currency is:

1. Australian dollarOne of the main currencies of the Asian session. It is a trend, if you look at the chart, you can see that the cycle decreases and growth is quite long. This is usually directly related to the Australian economy itself, as well as the central Bank’s position at the national currency exchange rate. The strengthening of the value of the US dollar is usually considered negative by the regulator, so it is necessary to monitor carefully what is said and published in minutes and speeches of representatives. Key pairs: AUD/USD, AUD/JPY.

2. Dollar U-New Zealand. The foreign trade of New Zealand mainly falls in the closest neighboring neighbor-Australia, so the exchange rate against Australian dollars is quite important. However, the benchmark for U.S. dollars is also present, so the main couple are: AUD/N And N WILL/USD. This is exactly the situation when the currency cross is quite important for one country.

Four-year Flat

Four-year Flat

3. JPY-Yen Japan. It may be clear here. It is a central currency in Asia trading session along with the US dollar. Japan is highly tied to exports, so the rate of the Yen is very important for the whole economy, it directly affects the performance. In this case, you should follow the central Bank policy very closely, sometimes present a surprise. Days when there is a nuisance in the market price is over, but weak Yen is still the main goal for the country. It should also be noted that The most biggest third currency in the worldThat’s why Tokyo has a very high performance. Key pairs USD/JPY.

Asian Trade Session features

Many currency pairs throughout Asian trading sessions create a range that can be traded with several movements in both directions, thus also the name of one strategy-“Asian Flat Breakdown“. According to many, this happens for a simple reason – the number of investors in the region is simply not enough to shift the price and overcome the entire amount of the deferred order of the participant from another area. And evaluation by graph, there are some truths for it. However, to believe that the Japanese can not move the couple difficult to believe, especially, very often you can see the opposite pictures — the USD/JPY pair shows very high dynamics, which in the European session, Where should be greater volumes, not followed. That is, we can say that this time period is the key to the Yen and largely determines the behavior during the remaining trading days.

Flat Plot in Asian session

Another interesting fact – it happens that the major currency pairs begin to move in the same direction from the opening, and with good acceleration differentiated in a small period. This shows that it is quite possible to start a daily trend, which will be supported by other exchanges. On a daily chart it will look like a candle with very small or not present in the same Shadow trend and a rather large body. Therefore, during the Asian session, a good foundation can be placed to hold the position not only in the day, but also in a longer period of time. Often it is in the Asian session that the strong trend starts, when at the beginning it is still hard to assume that this is slow, but still directing the movement will lead to something significant. In general, signals for such events will not be a common side movement in the channel, but Near to the pullbacks and very small.

If during the day there are any significant and important publications that have an impact on the exchange rates, we can expect that the trends will continue in Asia trading sessions, and this usually occurs Immediately after the opening of the Tokyo stock Exchange. That is, if the Euro falls strong in European trade due to the weak statistics or after a speech of any significant officer, then the continuous trend in the American session, then on the same thing will react in Asia. Many people use this fact and wait for the opening of the region’s homepage to capture this movement. Also, if the position is opened earlier in the right direction, you can leave them securely Trading on the non-typical trend of Asian trading sessions.

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