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MonsterDash Harmonic indicator harmonic layouts (harmonic patterns). It acknowledges all major versions. monsterdash-a panel that displays all detected patterns for all symbols and almost all timeframes with the ability to sort and scrollthem . Users may add their own custom versions. monsterdash can open and update charts with the found model.

The default indicator settings are quite effective most of the time. You can customize them according to your own requirements. Color settings are supplied for people who have “switched to the dark side” (with a dark backdrop). They are less suitable for a white background.

  • check pattern every-set the frequency of detecting and updating models. This parameter does not depend on the timeframe of the chart.
  • Symbols to exclude – a comma-separated list of symbols that are not searched for models . monsterdash searches for all symbols presented in the “Market Overview” window.
  • Minimum accuracypercent – the minimum percentage of accuracy for model recognition.
  • Price Must Touch All Minimum Ratios – if true, monsterdash must reach all the minimum coefficients (the price must reach all the minimum values of the coefficients, increasing the efficiency of the model).
  • Show Pattern Projections – show / hide predicted models.
  • Check M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN1the true value includes a timeframe for recognizing a harmonic model on it.
  • Offline timeframes, comma separated – all offline timeframes separated by commas (for example, 2,3). Useful for Renko or Median graphs.
  • Show Command Column-value true displays a column with a button to open the chart.
  • Chart Template – name of the template (with ‘.tpl’) to apply to the chart being opened.
  • Show Alerts – the value to false disables all alerts.
  • Show Screen Alerts-the value true enables the display of the alert on the screen.
  • Email Alerts – if true, alerts are sent by email.
  • Push Alert Notifications – if true, alerts are sent as push notifications.
  • Show ‘patternname’ Patterns – show / hide a specific model.
  • Sort Patterns By-column for sorting the information grid (values: nosort, Pattern, Symbol, Timeframe, Direction, Accuracy, Age, Completion, isprojected).
  • Sort Direction-sort in ascending or descending order.
  • monospacedfont-select a font, monospaced is recommended.
  • fontSize – the font size.
  • Show Pattern Label-the value true displays the model name on the open chart.
  • Show Pattern Accuracy-the value true shows the accuracy of the model on the open chart.
  • Show Initialization User Patterns? – the value true displays the results of initialization of the user model in the Experts tab.
  • Color Palette-select a color palette for a dark or light background.
  • Colo (u)rs-color settings.
  • Zigzag parameters set to ZigZag.
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Users can add their own models to monsterdash. To do this, you need to edit the file monster_userpatterns. csv, which can be found in the folder with user data. The file already contains a pattern.

monsterdash reads and detects offline charts. In particular, you can use Renko or Median charts in this mode . However, the monsterdash indicator cannot automatically open offline charts to show detected patterns. This is due to the limitations of MetaTrader 4.

Models can be sorted by all columns. Click on the column name to sort the grid by information. Click again to expand the sorting. The grid with all models is scrolled using the standard scroller. Click the button in the last column of the grid to open (or update an open) graph with the found model.

You can find more information about monsterdash on this blog (in English).

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