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ML Arrows – leading arrow indicator. It gives simple and clear signals to the trader about the high probability of a price reversal and continuation of the trend on pullbacks.

Signals are given at the opening of the candle. The arrows do not blink, disappear, or redraw after they appear. The indicator readings will be the same both in the tester and when installed on the chart.

The indicator is well suited for both scalping and long-term traders. It can be used on any currencies and timeframes.

You only need to choose the settings for yourself. But this is not difficult to do, since there are few settings:

  • Depth (the depth of the calculations). Limited to values from 1 to 50000. The higher the value of the parameter , the deeper the history of the indicator makes calculations and the more accurate the signals. But be careful – too large a value can cause the terminal to hang.
  • Sensitivity (Sensitivity). The most important parameter that regulates the frequency of signals. It is selected individually for your trading style. The frequency of signals in the indicator does not necessarily mean a decrease in accuracy, but in case of a strong trend, it is recommended to set a higher value.
  • Period (Indicator period).The sensitivity of the lower level. The higher the value , the less the sensitivity parameter reacts to market fluctuations.

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