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Median and Turbo renko indicator bundle

reliable median Renko index for creating custom charts in the kind of Median Renko (Median Renko), Mean Renko (Mean Renko), Turbo Renko (Turbo Renko) and best candles Renko (Better Renko), in addition to classic Renko (Vanilla Renko) and Renko with shadows (Renko with wicks), as well as Point-O charts. This universal remedy provides all the necessary signals for intraday traders, scalpers and even long-term traders.

  • The index is superimposed on top of the main graph, so you can use one-click trading and handle orders straight on custom charts. Visual positioning of orders will also be possible.
  • The background is calculated using real tick data.
  • Built-in technical analysis tools: 3 moving Averages (Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linearly Weighted, Volume Weighted using tick or Real volume), Bollinger Bands, Donchian Channel, Super Trend.
  • Closing levels of the current bar. Displayed to the right of the bar itself.
  • Ability to display monthly, weekly and daily Pivot levels.
  • Ability to display daily support levels with resistance R1, R2, R3 and S1, S2, S3 for the current trading day.
  • Ability to display the high, low and close level of the previous day.
  • Ability to calculate the bar size based on ATR.
  • Possibility of shifting the opening of the first Renko bar.
  • Sound alerts, push notifications, and text alerts when new bars and/or reversals are opened (sound files can be set separately for bearish and bullish reversals),
  • Convenient display of the opening date/time of the current bar, as well as information about the size and correction factor of the bar.
  • The color designation of the last daily bar simplifies the analysis of historical data.
  • The color markings of the phantom Renko bars (gaps).
  • Displays data on the opening, closing, maximum and minimum of each bar, as well as tick volume, real volume (divided into buy/sell volumes) and opening time for use in Expert Advisors (data is of the double type in the indicator buffer and is available in a special data window).
  • To display a separate data window, left-click on the selected Renko candle while holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard.
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  • Bars size (in points) – the size of the bars in points.
  • Retracement factor – correction factor (from 0.01 to 1.00).
  • Asymmetric reversals – asymmetric reversals (true/false).
  • Show wicks-show shadows (true/false).
  • ATR based bar size calculation-calculation of bar sizes based on ATR (custom values of the ATR period and percentage of the daily ATR value are used to calculate bar sizes).
  • Show history for defined number of days – the number of days on the history to display (plus the current day).
  • Apply offset to first Renko-apply offset to the first Renko bar (plus offset).
  • Synchronize first bar’s open on a new day-synchronize the opening time of the first bar on a new day (true/false).
  • Top/Bottom padding (0.0 – 1.0) – used to set margins above and below the visible maximum and minimum of the visible Renko chart.
  • Show Monthly, Weekly and Daily pivot levels plus Daily R1, R2, R3

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