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Market Profile Volume Relative Accumulation MT5

The index shows the conditional tick cost volumes (amounts) gathered over a specified period. into get a more accurate calculation, data in the M1 chart is used by default. The measure of supply of cost volumes is regulated. By default, the ideal edge of the display is placed into the pub corresponding to the beginning of the data used for analysis, but when necessary, it could be set to the bar you want. the duration of the displayed volume bars (right border) is also regulated by the duration coefficient, and it may also be changed to the left or right to 0 (current) bar.


  • Accumulation period – calculation period for volume accumulation
  • Price Accumulation step is a step of adding the volume by price settings
  • Graph length multiplier – coefficient of the length of the displayed data
  • Use data from timeframe – the chart used for analysis (timeframe)
  • Graph show shift-offset of the beginning of the data display, if you leave 0, it will show from the bar corresponding to the start time of the period of analyzed data
  • Graph color – color of the indicator bars
  • Rectangle lines style – the style of border lines used to display rectangle data
  • Rectangle fill-fill mode (it is also a sign of finding data behind the graph)
  • Add object description-add price level data and volume values to the “description” of rectangles

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