Everyone is aware of the game called “Legs crossed.” It has been popular for many years, and that just a trader has found an app on forex charts. How, you ask? Let’s touch a bit of history…

The very method for ploting “Krestiki-feet” became known at the end of the nineteenth century. A famous journalist, Charles JAS is also known as “book Method”, and Joseph Klein suggests the name “trend of registration methods”. The most surprising thing is that despite the fact that the play strategy crosses become known in the United States back in 1901, many traders use them today, which means that the strategy is really popular and effective. After all, nobody will use it, if it is not profitable.

For the first time, the concept of “digital graphics” was mentioned by V. Villiers. He decides to incorporate digital construction principles and point graphs (i.e. graph, where the main price dynamics is shown in cross/zero and digital form, where price changes are displayed by number).

How does this graph appear?

It should be noted that this type of graphic is often used by the follower of technical analysis on Forex. The graph is displayed as a vertical column and it is very good to see the price dynamics.

Remember, “X” Cross tells us that the price rises, and “O” zero, each showed a decrease in price growth. Based on this data, we can draw conclusions: at the time when the price rises on the chart you need to place the cross, if the price falls, then the chart should be zero. The advantage of this method is that all price changes are easily taken into consideration, but without regard to the exact duration of the same change.

In the building

To build this type of graph and understand the essence, it is important to know the two main parameters.

Option 1. Boxing size, or Size box

This Parameter is important to be responsible for the number of points passed, on a cross or zero graph. It depends on direction. If the above direction is “X” if the direction is “O.”

Option 2. Reversal or reversal

The reversal is contrary to the current Forex trend. It is after this important parameter there is a change, that is, the crosses are changed to zero, and snot turns into crosses. Let’s imagine the situation that the price is rising, which means that we see crosses on the chart. If the size of the box is 10 points, and our choices are reversal 3, then our price has to pass the exact 3 boxing (3 boxing s 30 points). This is to ensure that the start price for pulling is zero. You can imagine the opposite. The action will be the same, but instead.

In this strategy, it is worth noting that “Krestiki-legs” are not tied to time. And this fact really changes all the basic approaches so that all common technical analysis. The situation at the graph is performed in a smooth form.

We want to advise

It is known that the counter trend movement is not shown on the “Cross foot” chart if they are smaller than the reversal parameter. So if you change the reversal, make sure that you change and the smooth level.

Benefits of Nolick crosses

  • Price noise loss;
  • Lost time factor;
  • It makes it easier to build a trend;
  • The definition of price movements is easier, especially for long-term dynamics.

We want to share information with you. At first, the type of display this price could not be moved to the chart. But some are out, and many are doing: all the construction of the cross-foot has done on the leaves in the cage and, of course, by hand. And they determine the entrance and target of the technical analysis figures. Of course, as long as someone draws a certain figure, the price is not waiting, as it is always changing! And because of this, this method is used in most cases for long-term forecasts, as it is only impossible to transfer numbers to small ranges for scalping.

Risk-Free Forex

Until now, the situation has changed. There is an easy Forex indicator featuring price for multiple ranges and accurate on our MT4 base chart.

But here it’s already worth learning about setting features. There are traps…

Read on-When it comes to settings…