Learn How to Use MT4 Range Charts for Forex Trading

Learn How to Use MT4 Range Charts for Forex Trading

What is MT4 Range Chart?

MT4 range chart forex is a type of chart used for technical analysis in the forex market. It is a type of candle-stick chart that displays the price range of the currency pair for a given time period. Unlike a regular candlestick chart, the range chart does not show any wicks – only the opening and closing prices. The purpose of the MT4 range chart is to effectively identify trends in the price action. Traders commonly use the range chart in combination with other indicators in order to get a clearer idea of where the price may be headed in the future.

Benefits of MT4 Range Chart

The use of MT4 Range Chart in forex trading can offer a trader many benefits. It provides an easy way to quickly identify the trend, as well as the direction of the movement. Furthermore, it can be used to effectively analyze the volatility of a currency pair. This can be incredibly useful for traders, as volatility can be a major factor in the success or failure of a trading strategy. Additionally, the range chart can be used to identify support and resistance levels, which can help traders determine when to enter and exit a trade.

How to Setup MT4 Range Chart?

Setting up an MT4 range chart is a fairly straightforward process. First, the trader must select the currency pair they wish to analyze. Then, they must open a chart in their trading platform, such as MetaTrader 4. After selecting a chart type, the trader will then need to choose the appropriate time frames for the range chart. For example, if the trader is looking for a weekly range chart, they will select the “Weekly” option. Once the trader has selected their time frame, the range chart will be readily available for them to start analyzing.


MT4 range chart forex is a powerful tool for traders looking to gain a clearer view of the trend in the currency pair they are trading. This type of chart eliminates the need to analyse wicks and can make determining the direction of the long-term trend easier. Furthermore, it can be used to accurately identify support and resistance levels, and therefore give traders increased insight into the direction of the price. For these reasons, MT4 range chart may be an invaluable tool for forex traders.

What is mt4 Range Chart Review?

A Range Chart review is a type of charting tool used in financial analysis. Range Charts are typically used to reduce the amount of noise on a time-based chart. Where traditional time-based charts display information such as it occurs over say minutes or hours, range charts instead show the happening of certain events over narrow, fixed range increments. This type of chart is useful for traders who want to understand how a stock or currency traded over a particular length of time.

The Range Chart is a type of chart that shows price changes over a fixed amount price movement rather than a fixed period of time. This charting tool is available on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform used by many retail and experienced traders. The Range Chart is highly effective in reducing noise and providing the trader with a more accurate view of price action.

Why is Range Chart Useful?

When it comes to trading, Range Charts are useful for displaying the synthetic view of the price action. Prices are contained within a set range which is an advantage when it comes to filtering out unnecessary noise. This allows traders to identify support and resistance levels more accurately and reduce the risk of making trading mistakes.

Another benefit compared to time-based charts is that the trader has more control of when to enter and exit trades. Because prices are displayed on a range chart, traders can rely on more accurate key support and resistance levels in order to make better trading decisions. This type of charting method is more suited to traders looking to carefully manage their trades and reduce their risk.

Benefits of MT4 Range Chart

The MT4 Range Chart offers several advantages for traders. One of these advantages is the ability to customize each chart with various indicators that can be used to filter out noise and highlight important trading patterns. Range charts can be easily adjusted in order to display the best view of the market, allowing traders to find trading opportunities with greater accuracy.

Another advantage of the MT4 Range Chart is the ability to automatically generate alerts based on certain conditions or price levels. For example, a trader can set up an alert that will be triggered when a previously identified support or resistance level is breached. This can be a useful tool for traders who want to stay on top of changing market conditions.

In conclusion, the Range Chart is an effective tool for traders who are looking to filter out unnecessary market noise and identify potential trading opportunities. The MT4 platform provides traders with access to this valuable charting tool, making it easier for them to identify and capitalize on market movements.