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your Investment Castle Expert adviser is a fad advisor that uses a built-in indicator. Investment Castle Advisor has been made with the hope of resolving the following issues:
1. The Investment Castle Expert Advisor follows the tendency on medium timeframes.
2. The Investment Castle Expert Advisor uses an improved Martingale recovery mechanism to decrease drawdown.
3. Users may select and optimize a variety of input data. The most preferred strategy is the settings fileDownload.
5. now the consumer can configure and select the Expert Advisor to work in a few marketplace sessions.
6 . The user can enable / disable trading prior to the news and set it to resume after the news is published.
And much more…
* Visit the website for installed files, updates, and more:
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“Investment Castle EA” and all products bearing its name should clearly be considered simply as a tool that a trader can use to automate trading. Given this, how well or effectively this tool works depends entirely on the user’s input and / or optimization.
Highly and strongly recommended to you, the user, first read the product Investment EA Castle, carefully pre-tested settings for different input options on a demo or trial account before you can use Investment Castle EA on a live account to experience and to understand how each set of parameters correlated to each other below Investment EA Castle functioned as it was installed by the trader.
Thus, the result of the trader’s trading experience, both good and bad, is an exceptionally pure and direct reflection of the trader’s understanding, as well as his ability to optimize and exhaust the vast opportunities that Investment Castle EA offers.

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