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the special IceFX VelocityMeter Mini index for the MetaTrader 4 stage measures the rate of the Forex market. this isn’t an normal indicator of volumes or alternative values. IceFX VelocityMeter can comprehend the rate of market movements concealed in ticks, and this invaluable information is not available in ordinary candles, so it can’t be obtained by an easy indicator.

This indicator monitors the arrival of ticks (frequency and amount of change) within the specified time range, examines this information, determines, displays and records a control value that’s characteristic of the actual market movement rate. The value of the market speed changes with each tick. This professional tool responds quickly to any changes.

The IceFX VelocityMeter Mini indicator is a “minimized” version of the IceFX VelocityMeterindicator . It displays the last 50 speed values on the tick chart, as well as the current speed, current direction, average and maximum speed.

  • SpeedMediumLevel – average speed level
  • SpeedHighLevel – high speed level
  • Correction – correction of the calculation (recommended value is 20)
  • Corner – the corner of the graph for the panel location
  • CornerOffsetX-offset from the horizontal angle
  • CornerOffsetY – offset from the vertical angle
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The indicator sets global variables with the values of the current speed, current direction, and average speed for use in Expert Advisors.

  • SPEED___CURR – the current speed value (for example: SPEED_EURUSD_15_CURR)
  • SPEED___DIR – current direction (for example: SPEED_EURUSD_15_DIR)
  • SPEED___AVG – average speed value (for example: SPEED_EURUSD_15_AVG)

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