How to Use Renko with Wick in MT4 for Forex Trading

How to Use Renko with Wick in MT4 for Forex Trading

Understanding Renko Candles

Renko charting is a popular approach used by technical traders for forecasting market trends. Renko candle trading in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) and stock markets can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Unlike traditional chart bars which are based on time frames, Renko bars are based on price movements. Each Renko bar is placed up or down depending on its close price compared to the open. When the close price is higher than the open, the Renko bar is plotted up. Similarly, when the close is lower than the open, the bar is plotted down.

Using Renko charting, traders can effectively analyze and identify the overall trend of the market. This approach is beneficial for traders who don’t have the time or knowledge to analyse all the available charts and indicators. Renko bars’ relative simplicity and ability to accurately depict market sentiment means that not everyone needs to know all the lingo of charting to benefit from the system.

The Benefits of Renko with Wick

When using Renko charts, traders have two options – regular Renko bars and Renko with Wick. Renko with Wick is more reliable as it features the same characteristics as regular Renko bars but is more precise. This is because it takes into account both the opening and closing prices of the candle. This gives traders a more accurate picture of the market because they can take into account both the high and low prices in the candle. As a result, they can make more informed decisions about when to buy or sell a particular asset.

Renko with Wick also aids in providing support and resistance levels. By viewing the wicks on the chart, traders can gain insight into the strength of the underlying trend. If there’s a lot of wick present, it’s likely that the market is range-bound. On the other hand, if the wick is small, it may be a sign that the trend is in an uptrend or a downtrend.

Trading with MT4

Over the last decade, trading with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform has become increasingly popular. MT4 enables traders to access the Forex market and provides a wide range of trading tools to help them make informed decisions.

One of the most popular features of MT4 is its ability to allow traders to use Renko Charts. This feature is extremely beneficial for traders as it enables them to quickly identify the direction of the market, without having to analyze all the indicators. By using the Renko with Wick feature, traders can gain even more insight into the market and make even more informed decisions.

MT4 also provides traders with sophisticated analysis tools as well as a range of analytical tools, which enable them to track and analyze their trades in order to identify any mistakes they may have made. By using these powerful and sophisticated features, traders are able to quickly assess their performance and make more informed decisions in the future. RENKO WITH WICK IN MT4 REVIEW

Renko charts are an indicator in the forex market that offers traders an idea of the current market movements by plotting price movements as blocks of price and time. These blocks are known as “renko boxes”, and are based on the current price trend. The renko boxes are also known as “engulfing bars”, for they are formed when the prices move in the opposite direction of what was predicted by the market.

The Renko chart is a great tool for traders looking for a simple and reliable trading system. One such example is the “Median Renko Engulfing Bar Strategy”, which uses the Renko chart to identify trading signals based on price patterns. However, the Median Renko Engulfing Bar Strategy does not have wicks, which is an important feature for traders to be able to observe.

Fortunately, traders in the MT4 trading platform have the option of using the Ninzarenko v4 which is a Renko chart with wicks. This version of the Renko chart is lightweight on processing power and allows traders to better visualize the trends and price changes.


Unlike traditional Renko charts, the Renko with wick in MT4 plots the wicks of the candles in addition to the Renko boxes. This allows traders to get a more comprehensive overview of the market movements, as the wicks give more information than the Renko boxes themselves. The wicks indicate the difference in prices regardless of whether the market moved acts.

A trader can use the wicks in Renko charts to better define trading signals or identify particular patterns. Furthermore, traders can use the wicks to identify possible pivot points or potential price zones. This is especially useful for traders who intend to derive trading statagies from the Renko chart such as the Median Renko Engulfing Bar Strategy.


Adding Renko grids with wicks on the MT4 trading platform is a simple procedure. First, the trader needs to download the Ninjarenko v4 indicator, which can be easily found online. Once the file is downloaded, the trader will need to open the Metatrader 4 platform and select File>Open Data Folder> MQL4>Indicators. Here the trader will need to paste the Ninjarenko v4 indicator.

Next, the trader will need to open the chart where they wish to apply the Renko charts with wicks. In the Indicators list, the trader should select the Ninjarenko v4 and click “OK”. The trader can adjust the settings of the indicator to modify the set up of the Renko chart.


Renko charts are an important trading indicator, that offers traders a reliable source of market movements. The Median Renko Engulfing Bar Strategy is especially useful for a trader who wishes to make investments based on the movements of the market. The Renko with wicks in MT4 is a great alternative for traders who need to access more detailed information regarding changes in the prices. This type of Renko chart is easy to set up and can provide a simple yet reliable trading system.