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HMA Color with Alerts MT5

this Hala Moving Average (HMA) is well-deserved popularity among traders due to this powerful smoothing of market sound and relatively small lag.

This implementation of the index for MetaTrader 5 changes colour when changing the direction of motion, can give a sound and text sign. additionally, it supports sending messages to email and push messages to cellular devices.

it’s probable to send a signal on the present unclosed pub, but this signal can be canceled prior to the pub closes if the conditions disappear.

one of the possible applications of the HMA index:

Use two examples of the indicator with different periods on the chart. A small period (approximately 12 to 25) highlights the movement of the current timeframe, and a large period (approximately 60 to 120) highlights the trend. The opening of the transaction occurs when the direction of the junior HMA changes to the direction of the senior HMA.

—– HMA settings – – – – – (HMA indicator parameters):

  • HMA period – HMA period;
  • HMA averaging method – HMA smoothing method;
  • applied price – the price used

— Notifications/Sounds – – – (block of notifications and sound settings):

  • ON/OFF – Sound when the signal;
  • ON/OFF-Alert – messages in the terminal when signals occur;
  • ON/OFF-Mail – messages to e-mail;
  • ON/OFF-Push – push messages to mobile devices;
  • Sound file on the closed bar – the final signal-name of the sound file for the final signal (on the closed bar);
  • Sound file on the current bar – the possible signal-name of the sound file for the pre-signal (on the current bar);
  • Enable the possible signal on the current bar – allow a preliminary signal on the current unclosed bar

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