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Harmonic ABCD

The indicator determines and displays the harmonious pattern AB=CD on the chart according to the scheme shown in the screenshot. The pattern
is selected by the vertices of the ZigZag indicator (included in the resources, does not require additional installation). At the moment of pattern recognition
a message is displayed in a pop-up window, and alerts are sent to your mobile device and email inbox. The indicator
highlights not only the completed shape, but also the moment of its formation. At the formation stage, the shape is displayed as contour
triangles. After the figure is finally formed, the potential reversal zone is displayed on the chart. The
basic proportions of the shape are set in the parameters. The intermediate values of the relations are calculated proportionally. Tolerance added to parameters
(CD_accuracy), which determines the accuracy of the cd/bc relationship. For example, if the calculated value of cd/bc = 1.0 and a tolerance of 0.1 is set, the
program will use the range 0.9 .. 1.1

  • zzDepth, zzDev, zzBack – parameters of the ZigZag indicator
  • BC_min (bc/ab), BC_max (bc/ab) minimum and maximum ratio of BC and AB levels
  • CD_min (cd/bc), CD_max (cd/bc)minimum and maximum ratio of CD and BC levels
  • CD_accuracy-tolerance of the cd/bc ratio
  • bearColor – the color of the bear shape display
  • bullColor – the color of the bullish figure display
  • CountBars-limit the number of bars to be processed by the indicator (reduces the initial loading time)
  • UseAlert – allowing pop-up messages
  • UseNotification-allowing push notifications
  • UseMail-Allowing email notifications
  • prefix-a text label for the uniqueness of the indicator objects on the chart (if you set several indicators on the chart).
    for indicators, you need to enter a different value in these parameters)
  • MessageAdd is a text string that is added to alerts that are sent to the indicators.
  • CustomEventBuy,CustomEventSell events of the terminal
  • Example of using signals in the Expert Advisor:

    void OnTick() {
    double x;
    x = iCustom(Symbol(),PERIOD_CURRENT,"Harmonic-ABCD",0,1); if (x != 0

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