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that the EA is suggested for trading on GBPUSD M15. it’s based on a strategy for ascertaining microtrends. The market entrance (and exit) points are calculated based on the correlation of a number of indexes. The trading quantity for opening a position depends upon the results of previous trades. Uses efficient monitoring that automatically adjusts the takeprofit and stoploss parameters to minimize losses. It is possible to limit the quantity of risk (the AutoMM parameter). It is also possible to set the maximum spread, if exceeded, the EA will freeze trading (MaxSpread parameter). additionally, it has advanced functionality for tracking market news.

  • stopafternews – trading pause time after the market news in minutes;
  • stopbeforenews – time of the trading pause before the market news in minutes;
  • lightnewsenabke-enable pause for insignificant news;
  • mediumnewsenable-enable pause for medium-important news;
  • hardnewsenable-enable pause for high-importance news;
  • GMT_Offset is the time zone of your broker;
  • newscurrency – list of currencies (separated by commas) for receiving news on these currencies;
  • newslines-enables displaying the time of news on the chart in the form of lines;
  • FixedLot – fixed lot size;
  • AutoMM-risk limitation (as a percentage);
  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread over which trading will be suspended;
  • MagicNumber – any unique number that identifies this Expert Advisor.
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