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Gold in dollars – technical analysis for today

Uganda, of course, contributed some angst for gold buyers, after which… the US Fed’s decision to raise the rate provided some support… and technically, the XAUUSD spot gold is still in a “locally up” mood.

The price that day is trading in the range of the day June 16, 1815-1858.
The intraday trend is still down. If the decline continues, the situation of buyers may turn out to be critical.
The levels are in the picture above.
Short term buys from 1825 with low risk… medium term above 1868.
For the sake of completeness, here is the silver future chart, the consolidation at the lower border of the big wedge is very indicative.
Gold in dollars - technical analysis for today

… and one more chart – the gold to silver ratio is aiming to increase to 96, although a pullback to 81 is technically begging.
Gold in dollars - technical analysis for today

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