FXDD: A Comprehensive Review of a Leading Forex Company

FXDD: A Comprehensive Review of a Leading Forex Company


Are you considering using FXDD for forex trading? Before you make a decision, it’s important to understand what FXDD is, how it works, and how it stacks up against other leading forex brokers. Here, we’ll help you explore the broker’s key features, determine if it’s the right choice for you, and give you an overview of the current market opinion of FXDD.

FXDD Review: How it Works

FXDD (Foreign Exchange Direct Dealer) is an online broker established in 2002. The company offers a range of comprehensive financial market services, including spot FX and FX options trading, along with a suite of powerful trading platforms. FXDD is committed to providing customers with the best possible trading experience in terms of leverage, safety, liquidity, and range of services.

FXDD is a fully regulated broker, which seeks to maintain full transparency throughout its trading operations. The company is authorized and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and has also been granted a European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) license. Furthermore, customers can avail of the company’s award-winning customer service.

FXDD Review: User Experience

FXDD is a popular choice for experienced forex traders looking for an efficient and reliable broker. The company caters to traders of all levels and provides access to a vast range of forex trading products, such as spot FX, FX options, and crypto-USD pairs. Furthermore, the company offers a range of competitively priced spreads and leverages, helping traders to maximize their potential returns.

Trading with FXDD is easy and straightforward. All of the company’s trading platforms are user-friendly and can be used for a range of trading styles, including scalping, swing trading, and long-term investing. The company also has a range of educational resources and tutorials to help novice traders get to grips with the forex markets.

FXDD Review: Opinion of the Market

Overall, FXDD is widely regarded as an excellent choice for forex traders. The company has many dedicated and satisfied customers, who consistently comment favorably on FXDD’s commitment to transparency, competitive pricing, and customer service. Customers rate the company highly in terms of account opening process, safety, liquidity, and range of instruments.

However, some customers have experienced a few issues with FXDD’s customer service, citing long response times and infrequent phone support. Nevertheless, these complaints are quite rare, which suggests that most traders are perfectly satisfied with the service provided by FXDD.

In conclusion, FXDD is a well-respected online forex broker with a broad range of services and excellent market reputation. The company offers competitive spreads and leverages and has a range of user-friendly trading platforms. Furthermore, FXDD is fully regulated and committed to maintaining a high level of transparency. As such, the company is an excellent choice for forex traders of all levels.

fxdd Review: The Features

FXDD is an online forex broker offering traders a wide array of trading tools and platforms including MetaTrader, MTXtreme, MT Mobile, Mirror Trader, and Swordfish. Its servers are strong and customer service is top-notch, although FXDD is not the best choice for scalpers because its spreads are not the lowest. It is a reputable broker with a long-standing legacy of over 20 years in the financial industry, and over 400,000 users.

MetaTrader 5 is the most popular trading platform offered by FXDD. It provides numerous features such as advanced charting tools, an integrated development environment with programming capabilities, automated trading, and multi-lingual support. Because it is a popular trading platform, FXDD is also compatible with many expert advisors (EAs). It allows traders to access financial markets from desktop, web, and mobile devices.

FXDD also offers its clients access to the Mirror Trader social trading platform. Through Mirror Trader, traders can follow experienced traders, copy their trades, and also set up automatic trade copying. Swordfish, another trading platform offered by FXDD, is an easy to use graphical user interface (gui) that enables traders to access forex trading through a broker on the FXDD platform.

Trade Types and Tools Offered

FXDD offers several trading tools and products across different asset classes. It supports the trading of over 50 currency pairs, including major, minor, and exotic currencies. Its trading platforms support trading of CFDs, stocks, indices, and commodities such as gold, silver, oil, and natural gas.

The broker also provides traders with access to several charting tools for analysis. These include technical indicators, Fibonacci tools, moving averages, and several line drawing tools. Additional tools such as economic calendars, streaming news, and autochoriginal indicators also provide traders with insight into the markets. In addition, FXDD offers its clients access to FXDD Forex Research which provides insights, analysis, and market commentary on the Forex markets.

Account Types and Trading Conditions

FXDD offers several account types, including a Mini, Standard, and Silver accounts, as well as a Pro account. All of the accounts offer access to tight spreads, fast execution, and daily technical and fundamental market analysis. The Mini account is ideal for starters and new traders as it has low initial deposit requirements and tight spreads. The Silver and Pro accounts require minimum deposits of $5,000, and they offer commissions along with tighter spreads.

Client funds are held in segregated accounts and FXDD is fully licensed and regulated by the Italian regulator CONSOB. The broker also provides its clients with access to powerful trading platforms, competitive spreads, and fast execution speed. Moreover, it offers 24-hour customer service and support for all of its products.

In conclusion, FXDD is a reliable and trustworthy broker for forex trading and provides its clients with many powerful trading tools. It offers multiple account types, competitive spreads, and fast execution. Furthermore, FXDD is regulated and provides clients with protection of their capital. Traders can benefit from the broker’s range of features and offerings when planning and executing their trading strategies.