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Indicator FxCraft Pitchfork Indicator (the middle line) allows you to automatically identify channels: future trends, i.e. defined in advance and current ones, i.e. existing or continuing ones based on the regression channel. The indicator is based on the method of Dr. Alan Andrews, who discovered and developed a technique for analyzing charts based on the average price, i.e. the average value.

Unlike similar tools available in the platform, the indicator finds channels very accurately automatically or in semi-automatic mode. This is one of the main advantages for supporters of the “Andrews pitchfork”. In addition, the indicator has extensive functionality, which will be described later. The method is based on the analysis of various markets, including forex.

The fxcraft Pitchfork Indicator makes it easy to determine the average line on the chart in automatic or semi-automatic mode based on local extremes determined using the zigzag indicator. The main advantage is a significant acceleration of determining the required current or past education in real time using keyboard shortcuts. An additional advantage is the complete accuracy of the reference points, as opposed to manual tools.

The fxcraft Pitchfork Indicator (Median Line) was created in collaboration with a group of analysts and traders from eafx (

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  • ExtDepth – is the parameter of the Zigzag indicator.
  • ExtDeviation-parameter of the Zigzag indicator.
  • extbackstep-parameter of the Zigzag indicator.
  • extbars-a custom parameter of the Zigzag indicator (the number of candles to display the zigzag, a large number of historical candles can affect the performance and speed of calculations).
  • Pitchfork1-the main pitchfork.
  • Pitchfork2-historical pitchfork (shift of the shape by one extreme in the history ), you can turn on / off past formations using the G / H (ghost / hide) keys.
  • warninglines – additional fork sides, 0 = none, 1 = additional pair on each side (up to 15 pairs).
  • liveredraw – automatic or manual updating of candlesticks (by default TRUE = auto), can also be switched using the L / M keyboard (live / manual).
  • Timing1-automatically defined Fibonacci time from point A and B, 0 = disabled, U / I on the keyboard.
  • Timing2-automatically defined Fibonacci time from point B and C, 0 = disabled, O / P on the keyboard.
  • obj_trigers-trend lines from A to B and from A to C.
  • obj_pivots-horizontal lines at the price of A, B, C and “gold” – means B and C.
  • obj_label-numeric values calculated based on the current price to points A, B, C, and “gold” – means B and C.
  • Mode | n-Pitchfork Normal t-Pitchfork T j-Pitchfork JeromeSchiff
  • liveredraw | l-ON / auto m-OFF/manual b-refresh/redraw
  • Point A | a-LEFT s-RIGHT d-RESET A
  • Point B | q-LEFT w-RIGHT e-RESET B
  • Point C | z-LEFT x-RIGHT c-RESET C
  • Points ABC | v-LEFT f-RIGHT r-RESET ABC Points
  • Timing1 (A-B) | u-OFF / down i-ON / UP
  • Timing2 (B-C) | o OFF/in the direction of decreasing p-ON/increase
  • warninglines | [-OFF / down ]-ON/up
  • Pitchfork2 | g-ON h-OFF

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