Free Download: Smart Raja Concepts for Forex Trading

Free Download: Smart Raja Concepts for Forex Trading

Are you a forex trader looking to leverage the latest technology to stay at the top of your trading game? Smart Raja Concepts has created a free download that could provide you with the perfect solution. In this article, we’ll look at what this software package can offer and why it could be the perfect choice for your trading needs.

What is Smart Raja Concepts (SRC)?

Smart Raja Concepts (SRC) is an online education platform that provides access to re-Mastered versions of Market Fluidity with comprehensive Forex 101 curriculum. Started by a team of Forex professionals, SRC is designed to provide an easy to navigate experience and introduce learners to the fundamentals of Forex trading. Offering over 10 topics and a 3-tier course structure, SRC is perfect for beginners who want to learn about the intricacies of trading.

Basic Price Action – Understanding Zones

SRC focuses on exploring the advantages and disadvantages of High Time Frame (HTF) and Low Time Frame (LTF) zones. HTF is best used when there is a consistent trend, while the scalper typically uses LTF. This indicates that HTF should be used when the trend is confirmed and LTF during a range-bound market. Additionally, SRC teaches students how to identify support and resistance levels- a technical analysis technique that helps traders determine where to enter and exit the market.

Advantages of Smart Raja Concepts (SRC)

SRC offers a wide range of tutorials, from basic price action to advanced strategies. Plus, learners can access market videos, PDF documents, and real-time trading analysis. This ensures that both beginners and experienced traders alike can benefit from the comprehensive Forex 101 course. Additionally, SRC offers email support and one-on-one mentorship options for those who require more personalized assistance. SRC also offers free downloads with their up-to-date material, so traders can take the lessons on the go!